15 DIY Valentine’s Day Cards For Kids

15 DIY Valentine's Day Cards

With Valentine’s Day creeping up slowly I’ve been on the hunt for some fun DIY card ideas that A could make for her classmates and well, this list does not disappoint! Whether you are looking for some sentimental finger/hand print crafts or a few candy-free options, we’ve rounded up 15 of our favourites! From kid-friendly crafts, to some that mom or dad can help with, this list has a craft for just about every kid (and some adults!)

  1. Sign Language Valentine’s Day Card – This DIY sign helps kids say I love you in sign language with their very own hand print.
  2. Let’s Stick Together Valentine’s Day Card – Don’t want to include treats for Valentine’s Day? This free printable uses stickers!
  3. Finger Trap Valentine’s Day Card – Another fun candy-free option includes a favourite from my childhood and makes for a fun activity in class!
  4. Bee Mine Valentine’s Day Card – this craft is an easy one to adapt to what you have on hand at home in the craft drawer.
  5. Playing Card Valentine’s – We have a *ton* of extra playing cards lying around, and I bet you do as well!
  6. Goldfish Valentine’s Day Card – a school friendly snack that uses a lot of things you likely have on hand for lunches!
  7. Fingerprint Tree Valentine’s Day Card – though not one I would make 20 of for class, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for parents, grandparents or someone special.
  8. Cute Kids Valentine’s Day Card – Anything that uses a kids hand print is a big win for me and15 DIY Valentine's Day Cards
  9. Starburst Valentine’s Day Card –  a fun free printable that uses starbust treats to send a cute message.
  10. Valentine’s Day Card with Yarn – this card is a bit more time involved, so I am saving this one for grandma but it is also a great fine motor skills craft for littles!
  11. Conversation Heart Valentine’s Day Card – this is one of my faves and a fun way to get kids to work on some cute lettering!
  12. I’m Wild Valentine’s Day Card – looking for an alternative to treats on Valentine’s Day? These adorable cards that include a wild animal are sure to be a hit!
  13. Heart Flower Valentine’s Day Cards – a super easy card kids can power through with a bit of help from mom and dad!
  14. Finding Dory Valentine’s Day Card – if you have a Dory fan at home, these are sure to be a hit and they include the free printable!
  15. Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Card – have left over construction or scrapbook paper? this is a fun way to use it up!


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