10 Tasty Treats for your Sweet to Share this Valentine’s Day

10 valentine's dayOn the 13th of February every year, I have a mini panic attack while trying to decide what to make for the annual class Pink & Red Day party. In my day, we called it a Valentine’s Day party, but I digress. As a long time practitioner of the ancient art of procrastination, I generally add some food colouring to cookies or cupcakes the night before and let it go.

This year, however, I looked to the internet, to the Pinterest-y moms among you(respect!), for ideas on something new, yet easy and I was not disappointed. Here, in no particular order, are our fave 10 Tasty Treat ideas.

Vday Candy Necklace

1. This 100% edible and adorable Candy Necklace is so easy to make and is easy for the kids to help with. There are so many different candies and sprinkles you could choose from to make the jewel unique! (Credit: Cute Food For Kids)

Strawberry Fudge - Cookies and Cups

2. This super quick 2 Ingredient Strawberry Fudge is on my must try list for sure. I live for easy, and the heart shapes make them look so sweet. (Credit: Cookies and Cups)

Hershey Kisses Roses

3. These crafty Hershey’s Kisses Roses make a great Valentine’s treat, but are a great idea for Mother’s Day, a teacher gift, a Christmas treat and more. (Credit: Mom On Timeout)

Dipped Valentine's Pretzels

4. I think there is no flavour marriage quite as successful as that of Sweet and Salty. These  Chocolate Dipped Valentine’s Pretzels are the best of both worlds and love at first bite. (Credit: Ms. Fox’s Sweets)

Gumdrop Roses

5. Having made roses similar out of clay and the like, I’m very excited to try my hand at these hand rolled Gumdrop Roses. (Credit: Craftberry Bush)

Playdough Heart Cookie Pops

6. An unusual sort of cookie, these Playdough Cookie Pops practically scream fun! This is definitely one to do with the kids; they will have a ton of fun rolling the coloured dough and shaping them into hearts, circles, snails and more! (Credit: Amanda’s Cookin’)

Parents.com -  Heart Kabobs

7. Perfect as a healthy snack, there are many fun ways to combine fruit into Valentine’s inspired Sweet Heart Kabobs. Switch it up with different cutters for different holidays and events! Serve with a delicious yogurt dip and be the hit of the party. (Credit: Parents.com)

She Knows- love bugs

8. Adorable Valentine Love Bugs can be savoury or sweet and are almost too cute to eat…almost. (Credit:  She Knows)

Women's Day Cookie cups

9. Valentine Cookie Cups can be filled with any number of toppings and are so easy to make! This is one of the recipes I have tried, and we filled them with mini eggs at Easter. Yum! (Credit: Women’s Day)

Fix me a snack - raspberry rockets

10. Raspberry Rockets are quick to make, fun to eat and healthy with a little bit of extra sweet. Just be prepared to make a lot! (Credit: Fix Me A Snack)

Whenever preparing treats for a class party, it is always wise to talk to the teacher before hand so you are aware of any allergies and/or dietary restrictions in the class. The teacher might also have a party outline with preferences for healthy snacks, a sign up list, or other way of organizing the food brought in.

And, as always, don’t stress and have fun with it! The kids are sure to enjoy it regardless.

What do you send to school on Valentine’s Day? Have any fun treat ideas you’d like to share?


  1. These are so cute!! Love the fruit one 🙂


  2. The Chocolate Dipped Valentine’s Pretzels, YUM!…… Pretzels dipped in chocolate, my favorite for ANY occasion!

    The Heart kabobs are way too cute!


  3. All of these require too much effort on my part to bring to school, lol.


  4. These treats are so stunning!! I’m definitely going to try my hand at making some of these! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Raspberry rockets look interesting…


  6. True to my procrastinating nature, I was in Safeway 10min before a Valentine potluck feeling guilty about not trying one of these ideas…until I remembered the raspberry rockets! They were so quick to make and were loved by kids and adults alike!


    1. the raspberry rockets are a fabulous and tasty Treat. very popularwith both kids and adults.


  7. The hersheys kisses roses are super cute! Id love to get a dozen of those 🙂


  8. Looking at this makes me want chocolate


  9. Omg so many awesome tasty and easy Valentine treats, my favourite is easy..lol


  10. My son brought home a TONNE of candy from school.


  11. These look delicious 🙂 I love Valentines Day <3


  12. I love the Love Bugs, but someone else would have to make them for me, I wouldn’t have the patience at all to make them..lol


  13. We’ve done so many versions of chocolate pretzels…..dark chocolate is my new favorite now….


  14. The flower roses are so cool!


  15. All these treats looks wonderful! Totally wish I had gotten my DD some of thgese!


  16. I just love those Valentine Love Bugs,that’s so creative


  17. What a cute idea for the pretzel sticks! thanks for sharing! Those are some tasty treats


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