World Smile Day®, are you smiling today?

World Smile Day

In 1963 a man by the name of Harvey Ball created what would become an iconic symbol of good will – the yellow smiley face.

In later years, as the symbol became increasingly popular, Harvey became concerned that the original message behind the smiley face was lost. Can you blame him? It was out of this concern that World Smile Day® was born in 1999. He thought that we should all take at least one day a year to pass on smiles and acts of good will towards our fellow man.

“The smiley face knows no politics, no geography and no religion.”

Harvey passed away in 2001 and, in his honour, the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation was created. They continue to be the official sponsor of World Smile Day ® each year.

One of the simplest ways we can brighten someone’s day is to smile at them but, I challenge you to take it a step farther on World Smile Day. Hold the door for someone, offer a compliment, buy a stranger a cup of coffee. It doesn’t take much to help put some positive light into someone’s day. Spread some smiles mommas!

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And tell me, what made you smile today?


  1. Ha ha who knew there was a smile day, my little ones make me smie


  2. Thats awesome! Didnt even know there was a world smile day! I smile when I hear little kids being silly!


  3. Honestly i didn’t even know there was such a day!But we need more days like this !


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