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Adulting is hard work and can be pretty stressful. This is especially true for those of the parent variety. Not only is there work, rent, bills, social obligations (or maybe anxiety), but there is also the responsibility of nurturing, raising, feeding and loving tiny versions of ourselves, and hoping that against all odds you will not screw up. Sure we can drink, swear, eat in bed, watch movies with ratings higher than PG-13, but sometimes I long for the days of enforced nap-time, insisted upon stroller rides and meals served to me, not by me, all cut up in little pieces with my favourite blankie on stand-by for when I’m through. Recently, when I feel like I’d love to regress back to childhood, I have started to colour thanks to these pretty awesome colouring books made especially for adults from Vintage Pen Press. Sure I colour with my kids, but it’s kind of nice to have my own book; devoid of Disney characters and cartoon animals. And you know what? They really are kind of relaxing!

Vintage Pen Press is the proud publisher of elegant adult coloring books. From our offices in Washington state, we produce exceptional adult coloring books that deliver a fresh wave of calm in the midst of the storms of life. Our mission is to help readers to relax, let go of stress and replace it with the beauty, joy and nostalgic art found in the Vintage Pen Press collection of Adult Coloring Books.

Now, I know colouring a picture won’t dissolve all my stresses, or make any big problems go away, but neither does the glass of wine I enjoy to unwind. I do find that once I get into it, I am much more present and I do start to relax, or at the very least enjoy myself and my attempts at something pretty.

Groovy colouring book

My thoughts turn from stewing over some frustration or other to colour selection and shading, focusing more on the pressure of the pencil crayon then the pressures of the outside world. The quiet time without electronics, news, and constant interruptions is refreshing, and I can see how adult colouring books are growing in popularity.

With so many different themes to choose from, there truly is something for everyone and all levels of creativity like the groovy 70s inspired one and the Vintage Cigar Labels. With the Get Your Groove On book, I felt like any colours I chose would work and happily went at it, but with the Vintage Cigar Labels I took to Google image to see what the original looked like so I could make an attempt to copy it. This one required a bit more concentration to pull off, and is still a work in progress. I felt like I had a project, and it’s always nice to feel the rush of satisfaction when you finish said project!

Cigar Lagel colouring book
Left: from from my Google image Search, Right: My continued attempt

As the popularity of adult colouring books grow, the research backing how they support stress relief, fine motor skills (when is the last time you picked up a pen, or pencil? you might be surprised how little it actually happens!) and so much more grows with it. We highly recommend that every home has at least one book that the adults can pick up and colour their cares away. You might be surprised how “into it” you get once you’ve started! We have many friends who start a page and realize an hour later that they’ve been so concentrated that they’ve finished it in one sitting. You can grab either of these fabulous colouring books onย Amazon, or directly from the Vintage Pen Press website, and while you’re there make sure to print a few of their free colouring pages to tide you over until your book arrives. Happy colouring.

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If you have someone who would enjoy a little more colour in their life, or perhaps you’d like to try your own hand at this newly trending old-school pastime, I have some great news for you!ย Vintage Pen Press has generously given us a prize pack for one lucky fan!

Vintage Pen pressVintage Pen Press

Prize details:

1 winner will receive one of each Get Your Groove On and The Art of Cigar Vintage Labels, plus a pack of pencil crayons to get you started! Enter below, good luck!

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