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Pink Shirt Day

Bullying is something that happens daily, if not hourly for some people. As a survivor of bullying in both middle and high school, I know just how long those scars travel with you. Even as an adult, my self-esteem suffers on a regular basis when I am triggered by something from my childhood. Even with zero bullying tolerance in many schools, it isn’t enough. With the rise of cyber bullying it seems that more and more people are suffering regularly.London Drugs aims to help eradicate bullying and with your help! Canadian retailer London Drugs is proud to continue as an official retail partner for the #PinkShirtDay campaign, along with organizers CKNW Orphans Fund in support of anti-bullying programs – and you can join in too!

Pink Shirt day originated in Nova Scotia in 2007 when two grade 12 students witnessed a peer being bullied for the colour of his shirt, one of many small things people are bullying for daily – these students took a stand and encouraged their school mates to wear pink to take a stand against the bullies – and it worked! Pink Shirt Day is now widely recognized and supported across the country.

Pink Shirt Day is on February 22nd and thousands of Canadians are expected to rock their pink shirts to build awareness against bullying and support for the victims. For the ninth year, London Drugs has been a proud partner in building awareness of this powerful campaign by being an exclusive retailer of the official – and adorable – Pink Shirt Day tshirts.

Pink Shirt Day

You can pop one of 77 London Drugs locations, as well as offer your shirts online at Shirts are available in both adult and youth sizes ranging from small – XXL, though the common sizes may sell out quickly so we recommend grabbing your size as quick as possible. The shirts cost $9.80 plus applicable taxes with net proceeds supporting CKNW Orphans’ Fund who supports various organizations across British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. The programs funded support a child’s healthy self-esteem as well as teaching empathy, compassion, inclusion, and kindness.

“Over the past nine years, thanks to our customers’ support and work by our staff, London Drugs has raised more than $1 Million dollars for Boys and Girls Clubs and anti-bullying programs across Western Canada,” said Clint Mahlman, London Drugs Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President. “In 2016 alone, London Drugs customers purchased 18,600 Pink Shirt Day t-shirts to support this important anti-bullying initiative.”

Don’t forget that this year, in addition to pink shirts, London Drugs will also be offering bracelets for $2 and stuffed bears wearing their very own pink shirt for $12.95 in support of the CKNW Orphan’s Fund. All funds raised will be donated back into the community of purchase. This is the perfect chance to support bullying initiatives in your own community and build a strong community of inclusion for our kids.

With A now in school, and having already been subjected to bullying by one of her peers this is a campaign that I wholeheartedly support and hope that you will as well. Kids don’t deserve to be afraid to go to school, to be afraid of mental, verbal or physical abuse. Together, we can make a difference and your support is hugely appreciated. Support Pink Shirt Day by grabbing your Tshirt at London Drugs, or dig through your own closets for something pink.



Tara Jensen
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