SuncoatGirl Nail Polish A Safe Eco-Friendly Gift Idea

It is starting to happen, A is beginning to get more and more into makeup and all things nail polish just like I did at her age. I remember stealing my moms polish often, and the awful smell of the nail polish remover every time she had to take it off. This mama knew this day would come but I have to admit I am hardly ready for it. Of course, I don’t want to squash her creativity and like the idea of her experimenting with expression from time to time but nail polish has been a hurdle for us. Most polishes are full of chemicals, unsafe additives and often take another chemical to remove — all reasons why I was so thankful to find out about Suncoatgirl.

Suncoatgirl polishes on cotton background with lipbalm

Suncoatgirl is an incredible line of water-based nail polishes perfect for your little ones – and even for you! Your kiddo can experiment with all the colors they could ever want, and create some of their own, without you having to worry about harsh chemicals. Did anyone else mix polishes as a kid? I’m pretty sure my mom screamed a bit when I did it with hers! Now I don’t have to worry, A can create your own and I can worry a bit less. 

Why is Suncoatgirl So Great?

Most Natural Option Available

Even though it’s not 100% all-natural this nail polish is still the most natural nail polish you can find on the market. There is 70% water, 1-3% natural colorants and no phthalate of any kind. Soaking your fingers and lightly scraping the polish off will also remove any Suncoatgirl polish so no need to use harsh chemicals to remove your polish. A great feature if you have a child looking to practice doing designs several times over. 

Suncoat Products Stocking Stuffers

Easily Removable

As I mentioned above you can easily remove all Suncoatgirl nail polishes with a 2-minute soak in warm water or just with a couple days of regular handwashing, but you can also get their special remover and balm. Not only does it take off you and your child’s polish with ease and naturally it also nourishes their nail and cuticle. 

Endless Creativity 

They have thought of it all in terms of giving kids and teen freedom with their polishes. Not only can you use this polish with peace of mind but you can also create your very own special color combinations. Their color creation kit is perfect for any creative kid looking to create their own line of polishes to match any outfit. Spark that creativity in them and maybe even snag yourself a free manicure out of the deal! 

Suncoatgirl nail polish being painted by a childs hand

More Than Just Polish

Suncoatgirl isn’t just about creating amazing naturally focused nail polishes they also carry a large line of other great products. From sugar-based eyeliners to all-natural hair supplies like their natural and fragrance-free hair spray. They try to think of ways to give us those products we love most in the most natural way possible. 

Suncoatgirl blue nail polish painted nails

Suncoatgirl isn’t just about gifts for kids this Christmas, these worry-free products make great gifts all year round for parties, holidays and “just-because” days. Make sure to go check them out and see what all the fuss is about, I know I’m sure glad I did. I’ll be one of the moms (and aunts!) gifting this season without worry. 

You can find Suncoatgirl products on, and

Suncoatgirl nailpolish display of colours

{This post is shared with you in partnership with Suncoat Products who provided these kits for our review. This post contains affiliate links, as an Amazon Affiliate we earn from qualifying purchases. All opinions are our own.}


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