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hexbug aquabot 2.0 sharktank

HEXBUG is known for their robotic bugs, race cars, aquatic creatures and other machines. Recently HEXBUG has released another robotic creature feature: the AquaBot 2.0 Shark Tank. Featuring a spacious tank, some decorative coral, an Angelfish AquaBot and of course a shark, this interactive set is just like having a real fish, only you can actually play with it, something your goldfish may not enjoy, especially when it becomes lunch for a shark!

The Aquabot Angelfish is battery operated (HEXBUG batteries only) and ‘comes alive’ when wet. Your Aquabot will swim around the tank (or bathtub!) for 5 minutes before going to sleep to conserve battery life. Want to wake up your fish? Simply tap on the tank.

AquaBot 2.0 Shark Tank

This expanded interactive environment provides the fun experience of having a pet fish, without all the messy clean-up! Each Shark Tank comes with an Angelfish, engineered with smart fish technology, an added Tap on Tank wake sensor and an inner LED glow that makes it appear more alive than ever before!

AquaBot 2.0 Shark Tank

My son thoroughly enjoyed this set from the moment it was unboxed and set up is extremely easy. Once he chose where to put his decorative coral, it was time to add water and see just what this little fish did. He was very surprised to see his AquaBot Angelfish come to life and start swimming around the tank. ‘But what is the shark for mommy?’.

AquaBot 2.0 Shark Tank

Well, not only is this HEXBUG AquaBot 2.0 Shark Tank a cool aquarium to watch, it’s also a game! Bean learned about patience and timing, and how to aim the removable hungry shark and launch it in order to catch the swimming Angelfish. It took quite a few tries, and I’m glad I didn’t fill the tank up all the way as is was a little splashy with the learning process and his desire to ‘help’ the fish manually, but with a towel nearby this set up kept him entertained for hours. Literally. For days. In fact, he also takes the fish to bed with him at night to sleep on his headboard – not something you can do with a real pet!

If your littles choose to not sleep with their fish, no need to take the fish out of the water at the end of play. After 5 minutes they’ll gently nod off to sleep and your child can awaken them by tapping on the outside of the tank to activate the tap on tank sensor and the inner LED glow makes the fishies¬†appear that much more real pet like.

AquaBot 2.0 Shark Tank

And, unlike a real pet, the tank is virtually mess free. Unless you knock it over. Then you have a big mess. Thankfully, when we change out the water we’ve been able to water the plants with it and not wash the floor. You will have to change out the water periodically if you want to keep it out on display as it will collect dust and such, but no poop. And that right there is my kind of pet.

While we haven’t started our Holiday Gift Guide for 2015 yet, this absolutely at the top of our lists for a must-have toy for any Hexbug lover, old or young. This interactive toy makes for hours of imagination play with a fun seek and find aspect with the shark. A total smart fish win. The Hexbug 2.0 Shark Tank is recommended for ages 3+ with an MSRP of $33.99 CDN.

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