What Is Your Netflix Binge Routine? #StreamTeam

Netflix Binge Routine StreamTeam

Just like every person is different, each family is different. Everyone’s routines are different and everyone’s preferences are different. That means battle for screen time can be quite a common problem, not just in my household but, in every household. As a mom I find I have to fight everyone in my home for some binge time and I bet I am not the only one. We spend all day working around/from our homes that having time to sit down while no one around is challenge enough. Then trying to convince everyone to agree on something can be a whole other battle.  

During the day A, if she is home, has our Netflix account obeying her every whim. Then once my hubby comes home from work I have to fight him off for the remote, or again; worst yet AGREE on something.

A task that is usually impossible to accomplish.

This is why I have created a system for bingeing the shows that I want to watch when I can. I have created a Netflix Binge Routine that works great for me. It even helps me limit the amount of fighting that happens when it comes time to agree on a movie for movie night.

Netflix Binge Routine StreamTeam

For instance the shows that I know no one will want to watch with me I save for when I am working from home and A is at school. That is when I start to break out all my guilty pleasures like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal or the ever tantalizing and locally filmed Once Upon A Time!

Both of these shows are my ideal, under the covers and in need of full escape from the chaos that is my life right now. When I just need to go run away for a fairy tale adventure Once Upon a Time is right there to ensure my pure escape from reality. There’s a few movies that I’ve had added to my list that fall a bit more under the “chick flick” umbrella that I’m sure hubs would like to opt out of, so next to watch is The Fault Under Our Stars. I’m saving this one for a particularly quiet night so I can tune out – the book was one of my favourites.

Netflix Binge Routine StreamTeam

For my hubby he has one show that he LOVES that I can not watch. I will look for any excuse to get away, which is fine I don’t have to like every show he does just like he wouldn’t sit down and binge Grey’s Anatomy and all its emotions with me. Black Sails is that show for him. Of course once in a blue moon I end up half listening to it with him while I am getting work done at night but for the most part this show and all its dark gloomy glory are all for him. 

Netflix Binge Routine StreamTeam

Of course A has her list of shows that she loves to watch throughout the week when she is given time to do so. Since we do limit TV she rarely ends up reaching “bingeing status” but she does love these shows enough to do so if we let her. Pokemon is a classic in our house and with so many episodes I think she will be set until the teens years with un-watched episodes. I even loved this show as a kid so thankfully this show we can almost all watch as a family. Winx club on the other hand isn’t so much something that hubby and I enjoy, but that’s not what is important. A loves it and that is the important part. There’s only so much Teen Titans Go I can watch daily so that also ends up being a show she gets to watch – on her own! 

But what do we do when we all want to sit down and watch a show together? How do we possibly agree on something??

Netflix knew exactly how to solve that issue. For nights when we all want to sit back with some popcorn and snuggle in front of the TV we use this simple solution. The Netflix spinner, a simple way to put all the choices in one place and let fate decide. No fuss and no arguments. If you want make one of these for your next movie night just download it HERE.

Netflix Binge Routine StreamTeam


Tell us, how does your family agree on what to watch on Netflix for your movie nights? Flip a coin? Wrestling? Rock Paper Scissors?

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