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How one Netflix show changed our screen time dynamic {StreamTeam}

Even as a long standing StreamTeam member, I don’t always pick up on the “hot shows” on Netflix straight away. Life gets in the way, kids stay up waaaaay later than expected, or I’m in the middle of binging my way through something I am super invested in (as in, The Vampire Diaries right now) and not quite ready to dive into something else. When a new show hit Netflix

Netflix Happy Birthday

When kids are little, it’s pretty easy to rock the birthday parties. Balloons and a lot of cake can go a long way! As they  get older though it gets to be a little bit more of a challenge to make that special day just a little bit more special. Cue the blowing up balloons the night before while they sleep to fill their bedroom, hanging up a streamer hallway

Have you tried Choose Your Own Adventure with Netflix? #StreamTeam

Some of my favourite books growing up were adventure novels that allowed you to make decisions along the way, and change the endings. I fully used to ‘cheat’ and hold my place at the crossroads just in case my choice ended in my demise or capture, allowing me to go back and take the much better option. Aptly named Choose Your Own Adventure. the books in this series were hours

Find Your Best Binge-Match With The New Netflix Rating System! #StreamTeam #AD

Some of you might have noticed something new come to Netflix recently and I am not talking about all the great titles they have been adding! They have a changed their rating system. Where there were once stars are now thumbs and we are loving this new simplistic rating system and I can’t wait to tell you why it is going to help you make the best binge choices.

What Is Your Netflix Binge Routine? #StreamTeam

Just like every person is different, each family is different. Everyone’s routines are different and everyone’s preferences are different. That means battle for screen time can be quite a common problem, not just in my household but, in every household. As a mom I find I have to fight everyone in my home for some binge time and I bet I am not the only one. We spend all day