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I’ll be frank with you if someone had told me a few years ago that I would be joining the re-usable cup game I would have scoffed loudly and shaken my head vehemently. Nope, not happening! This wasn’t a conversation I was having. I was set in my ways and figured what I had was working (little did I know…) and there were WAY too many questions I had that I wasn’t comfortable asking anyone.

Like most women in their 30’s, I’ve been dealing with a monthly cycle for some time – in my case, to the tune of almost 20 years! When I first started learning about pads and tampons options were fairly limited and it’s only been within the past 5 or so years that there has been such an increase in popularity for alternative options – including the DivaCup. I won’t lie, I wasn’t an early adopter… but I’m a lifer now.

To be 100% honest with you, when I first started using a DivaCup. I didn’t love it. I felt like I just couldn’t get the “hang” of it and struggled with wanting to love it but falling short. After a few uses, I grew increasingly frustrated and gave up! Thankfully, I have an awesome best friend who wasn’t about to let me give up so easily.

She loved her DivaCup and knew that if I just gave it a shot, I’d love mine too. With some encouragement, she was available for all the embarrassing questions and convinced me to give it another shot. I’m past the shy part of my cup journey and ready to chat candidly about how switching to a DivaCup not only made my life easier, but it’s also significantly better for the environment.

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My initial decision to switch to the DivaCup from disposable products stemmed from wanting to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. On average, a woman using disposable pads & tampons can create up to 62,000lbs of waste in her lifetime.  That equals between 10,000-15,000 menstrual pads that can take up to 500 years to decompose in a landfill. To me, that was a staggering statistic! I figured that I could do my part and make less waste, and the DivaCup was going to help make it happen.

The first time you use your cup may be tricky, there’s a bit of a learning curve that comes with any big change and that’s normal. When you first bring your DivaCup home, boil it in an open pot of water for 5-10 minutes and dry thoroughly. Make sure to read the user guide in the box and keep for reference prior to your first use, it has tons of handy information. If you have time prior to your cycle you can take a bit of time to figure out what “fold” for the DivaCup works best for you. I prefer the C fold and have found it the easiest to get the hang of!

DivaCup C Fold Example
“C” fold.. looks like a C, super easy to remember!

When you’re ready to try it, make sure you are comfortable and relaxed either sitting on the toilet or with a leg up on the tub. While holding the fold firmly insert into your vagina and push up with your fingers to guide it into place. A little turn while holding the grips at the bottom can help it open fully to create a seal. The DivaCup sits low at the base of your vaginal canal for easy insertion and removal so there’s no risk of losing it up there! When you’re confident it’s inserted properly, stand up straight and if it’s inserted properly, you shouldn’t feel it.

Now you’re probably asking yourself – “uh…. so what if I DO feel it?” – also totally normal. As I  mentioned above, I didn’t love my DivaCup initially because I could feel it often and it drove me a little crazy! Personally, I had to trim down the stem a bit and it made a huge difference. If you are still feeling it or leaking while using it, make sure that your DivaCup has “popped open” after inserting by feeling around the cup rim. If not, remove and try again. Everybody is different so what fold, insertion method and usage work for me, may not be the same for you so I highly recommend being patient with yourself.

The very best thing about the DivaCup is not having to worry about it once it’s in there. Insert in the morning before school, work or activities and you’re good to go until you get home. Make sure to empty, wash and reinsert the DivaCup a minimum of 2 times each day of your cycle (every 10-12 hours, or less depending on your preference). Wash the DivaCup in warm water with DivaWash or a mild, unscented soap and you’re set. Want to help your DivaCup last as long as possible? Make sure to read the complete care recommendations here.

I know the evitable question is lurking, but what about the “ick” factor? To be honest, this was an issue in the back of my mind before I tried the DivaCup and I remember asking my friend blatantly what the deal was with the mess. Her and I both agree that we’ve found that using the DivaCup is actually LESS messier than the alternatives.

Need a few (9….) more reasons to consider giving it a try?

  • The DivaCup is made from 100% healthcare grade silicone, making it flexible and durable.
  • You can go up to 12 hours without worrying about a leak when inserted properly.
  • No added chemicals, plastic, BPA, latex or dyes (hooray! safe for sensitive skin!)
  • It’s ideal for whatever lifestyle you lead, whether it’s acrobatic mom life, active sports or Netflix & napping.
  • Re-usable and eco-friendly, even the packaging is recyclable.
  • Budget-friendly – a one-time purchase can last you years if properly cared for!
  • Comes with a small carry pouch that takes up no space in your purse if you have irregular periods and want to have it on hand “just in case”
  • Available in two sizes – Model 1 for women under 30 who have not given birth vaginally or via cesarean and Model 2 for women over 30 and/or women who have delivered vaginally or via cesarean.
  • Super easy to find — Available at local pharmacies including London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Part, Pharma Prix and Sobeys, right in the feminine hygiene products aisle.

Phew! There are so many pluses to making the switch that once I got past the learning curve I knew I was a DivaCup lifer and fully committed to no more disposable products!

Look what I found at London Drugs!

Once you have it figured out, there’s no going back. The DivaCup gives you the freedom that pads and tampons never could. No more worrying about leaks, needing to carry or change any products, no strings, crinkly wrappers or plastic going into the landfill. It’s a small change with a huge impact. It’s life-changing menstrual magic in one tiny little pouch that is suitable for girls and women of all ages.

If you have any questions regarding your gynecological health or aren’t sure if the DivaCup is for you, consult with your healthcare provider prior to use. If you need help with usage, make sure to reach out to the DivaCup consumer care team that is available to answer any questions or find your DivaCup using circle of friends and start asking those questions, they’ve got you!

There is a serious movement of women and their menstrual cups. The more women who use it, the more women talk about it.  Imagine if we all just had one less thing to worry about, the freedom to just go about our days without a menstrual interruption. Sounds magical right? If you’re ready to up your daily game and kick the disposable products to the curb, I encourage you to join us and #TrytheDivaCup today! It’s a change you won’t regret!

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The Life Changing Magic Of A Menstrual Cup : Sharing my journey from not loving it, to being a DivaCup Lifer! #EcoFriendly #GreenLiving #MenstrualCup #Reusable #FemCare #DivaDifference

Are you a regular cup user? What made you decide to make the switch? Share with us in the comments!


  1. The idea of a diva cup has grossed me out for a long time. This post helps to explain it more thank you!


  2. Not gonna lie.. I”m not there yet but the more you share, the most I think about it! So nice to have a good best friend to help answer those questions!


    1. Having someone you can just candidly outright ask what they loved, didn’t love, what worked and what didn’t is a game changer. Feel free to ask me anything! 🙂


  3. I’m a convert and have been using my Diva Cup for about 18 months now!

    It was a bit different/difficult to use at first and I did have troubles “feeling” it as well. But as soon as I took the time to adjust the position and get used to it, it was a game changer. Definitely make sure it “pops open” after you insert it — otherwise you’ll end up looking like a scene from Carrie lol!

    TMI alert – I used to use tampons all the time and found that I almost had an allergic type reaction to them. With the Diva Cup it keeps all of the moisture and ph balance as it should be and it’s been so much nicer! (I do still have a tampon in each purse for travelling or just in case type of scenarios but I haven’t needed one!)


  4. Never tried. Have been very skeptical, and a bit grossed out… but you have thinking!


  5. I have a question if anyone can help. I have fibroids that cause extremely heavy periods (clotting, flooding, etc.). For the first two days of my cycle, I will bleed through a tampon, regular pad and overnight pad in less than an hour. Has anyone with a similarity heavy period tried this and liked it? I’m just picturing washing out and reinserting the cup every hour and wondering if it’s worth it.


  6. I love using cups! Makes such a huge difference with my heavy period.


  7. This is a little bit of a learning curve but once you get the hang of using it, this widget is seriously kickass!!


  8. Wish I saw this contest earlier. Glad I signed up for emails so I won’t miss them.


  9. Just ordered my first one so excited to try!


  10. I love my diva cup! It was a bit scary at first but once you get used to it it’s so much better than tampons and pads!


  11. Looooove my Diva Cup (and also have a Lunette). Major game changer 👍🏻


  12. I’ve been using the Diva Cup for over a decade now and I love love love it. The weird thing is, after having my daughter in April – my second child – I got my period again and my Diva cup has slid out a handful of times. I delivered both my babies via c-section and had no issues after my first was born (and I was actually in labour that time so I would have understood it more if it followed that pregnancy rather than this one) so I’m not sure what’s going on. It’s made me a little sad and I worry about leaking now so I double up with cloth pads just in case. But I’m still using them because they are environmentally friendly, safer than tampons, convenient in that I only have to empty and clean it 2-3 times a day, and can wear it safely before my period even starts. 👍🏻


  13. Good info on the diva cup. I keep hearing how awesome they are and I’m still on the fence.. Maybe one day..


  14. Menstrual cups are the best!! Totally worth the upfront cost with SO many benefits.


  15. I have only used my cup once. I was relieved to not have to worry about leaks! The downfall was that it was extremely painful to remove. I am willing to try it again. I agree the statistics are staggering in regards to waste created.


  16. I bought my first Diva cup around 14 years ago. I have saved a ton from the landfill and no worries of toxic shock!


  17. I have been wanting to try the menstrual cup for years now! It’s nice to read more on it and what someone else thinks. It really pushes me more to trying it. Thank you for this post!


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