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Hagensborg Chocolate Gift Box You know one of the main reasons I really love chocolate? It doesn’t talk back, it doesn’t disappoint (usually), and it always wants to make you happy. It’s sole purpose is to bring you a little piece of happiness in a heavenly form. Chocolate brings you peace in those moments you have managed to steal away into a closet to tempt fate and enjoy a bite. This is the main reason I thought it fitting to share with you some of my favorite chocolates from a local company here in Vancouver B.C.: Hagensborg Chocolate – the home of the “truffle pig” chocolates.

You might recognize this gun little pig chocolate bar, it is afterall a television star! You may have seen them on Food Factory, sharing the fun and unique story behind this delicious treat, as well as how they are made. Definitely one of my fave diamond in the rough type stories – and love that it is local favourite.

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After all the holidays are here and I want to ensure you moms are getting your hands on some of the sweetest local chocolate this year. Hagensborg is run by one incredible woman who saved this company and did big things with it, creating some of the most scrumptious of chocolate combinations like my favorite: Milk Peanut Butter Bar or the Sour Cherry and Almond. She has created a really amazing business for herself, coming from humble beginnings as a waitress, you know each bar is filled with love and dedication. She truly has earned her “Chocolate Princess” title! 

Since these chocolates are sooo tasty, made locally and are successful because of one woman I think that makes them a perfect gift idea for any woman in your life. Like I said before women love chocolate because it: doesn’t talk back, doesn’t add to the laundry or dish pile, doesn’t disappoint and it always wants to make you happy. It is that sweet girlfriend that always agrees with your side to make you feel better when you’re blue. It is that sweet sensation of calm right after the kids have all actually fallen asleep. It is those few minutes you relish right after you have cleaned every dirty dish in the house.


Hagensborg Chocolates have so many fun flavours you won’t have any trouble picking out a few good ones – plus they put together some really lovely gift boxes every Christmas. Their pig troughs/hat box packaging is quite possibly the most wonderful packaging I have ever seen for a gift at the holidays, these sturdy boxes are easily reusable around the home and beautiful on display. Or, failing that, they make a really neat box to hide the chocolate from the rest of the family in. With chocolate boxes and individually chocolates available through their online website, you can easily do some finger shopping and tick a few people off your list before even finishing your first cup of joe… or first glass of wine.

After all, we all really know the truth: chocolate is truly a girl’s best friend! 


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Hagensborg Chocolates wants to help one lucky fan pork out this holiday season! They have generously given us a Roast Beef Dinner- Chocolate Gift Box to share with one lucky reader. Open to US/CAN. Enter below!

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