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With the holidays just around the corner it is finally getting to the time of year where I sit down and organize all our appointments for the New Year. With our calendar usually full months in advance with school and activity commitments, events and family gatherings, we are usually so strapped for time that important appointments go by the wayside. Before the holiday chaos really begins I like to get things started and after sitting down I noticed something. Our family is behind on our eye exams.

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I was floored that this past year we hadn’t thought about or made any eye appointments. After chatting with a few moms at school I realized pretty quickly that I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t the only mom too busy to realize they hadn’t ever done or hadn’t gone themselves in a few years. Some even said they haven’t been since they were children but do take their kids on the regular. Considering the AOA (American Optometry Association) estimates that every 1 out of 4 children has eye-related problems or conditions, that is pretty alarming. Combining this with the fact my other half wears glasses and I still can’t remember the last time he had his eyes checked, we decided to make this a priority.

I needed some information, and much like every single busy parent, I jumped online to the Image Optometry’s website to find some answers to a few of my pressing questions. Being able to call them Toll-Free or email them at the drop of a hat made it really easy for me to get some great answers from the experts on my own time, without needing to go into a store with kids in tow.


With so much great information throughout their blog, services information section and much more, I knew this was invaluable since so many families out there are in the same boat as me: they have a few questions and are behind on appointments, with everything at my fingertips I was able to find everything I needed – online! They even have a great section just on how to help protect your children’s eyes in general. Calling in to ask about pricing too I was happily surprised at the great affordability and amount of great locations they had close to me.

With every family having different schedules, that they have to juggle like a circus clown, being able to access all that information off their website is a resource that is a huge time saver for us. Being able to call them too and ask about pricing without feeling obligated was something that I truly appreciated too as a family on a tight budget.


Like many families in British Columbia I am looking for some great care, with great convenience, at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Thankfully Image Optometry is here to help us when we need it, and without judgement if we haven’t been in a long time. They will be happy to help you with all your questions, optometry needs, as well as tell you about preventative measures you can take to keep your eyes on track for years to come!

If you are looking to make an appointment or ask a few questions you can check out their Website, Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram.

When was the last time you had your eye’s checked?

{Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Image Optometry, however our family firmly believes in making self care a priority and our opinions are not influenced by the sponsor.}

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