A Joy to Give, But Not To Kids: Give Lottery Products Responsibly + #Giveaway!

BCLC Lottery Holiday Campaign

Last year, we were asked to share an important message – the importance of remembering that as fun as holiday scratch tickets can be (and they definitely are kinda fun) – they are a form of gambling, and they should never be gifted to children. We were so thrilled with the responses we received from everyone, that we are sharing the message again this year, and would love your support in helping us spread the importance of age appropriate gift ideas.

As the holiday season approaches, the BC Lottery Corporation (BCLC) has launched its annual holiday campaign reminding shoppers to think twice about whose stocking they might be stuffing.

Most people love getting lottery tickets, including Scratch & Wins, as a gift, especially if they win! And while scratching a ticket in hopes of a prize definitely feels like child’s play, BCLC would like to remind you they are anything but – lottery tickets are still a form of gambling and shouldn’t be given to kids under 19.

Giving kids lottery tickets may seem harmless enough, but research has shown many adult problem gamblers report starting to gamble at an early age, some as young as 10. Of the many risk factors associated with problem gambling, gambling at a young age is one of the most significant.

In fact, kids are gambling at an early age, with research showing that 43% of those surveyed have gambled in the past year. Kids are more likely to gamble than drink, do drugs or smoke, yet they’re far less educated on the subject.

So the next time you pop by your local lotto retailer for a few last minute gifts, remember to keep the (underage) kids in your life off that particular list.

BCLC encourages parents to visit GameSense for Parents to learn more tools and supports to start a conversation with kids about gambling.

BCLC Lottery Holiday Campaign

We know the best part of the holidays is finding that perfect gift, stuffing those stockings full of fun and excitement and watching everyone have a magical morning – we also know the challenges that come with finding things to fill those stockings with! There are some super fun gift ideas that cost just as much as a scratch ticket that you can scoop up at your local dollar store that will give a much more lasting memory.

Instead of reaching for those scratch tickets to fill stockings, include items that offer long-term fun! Reach for small travel games, early stage readers or novels, fun pencils and holiday erasers and of course – themed holiday candy! Include small family traditions such as an orange, candy cane or roll-up socks in the bottom and remember to keep the kids off the lottery gift list.

BCLC knows there’s one place that has some super fun stocking stuffer gift ideas for the entire family and has given us a $100 Indigo gift card to share with one lucky reader to help you fill those stockings with some amazing treats. Enter below.

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{This post is sponsored by the British Columbia Lottery Corportion, we were compensated to share this information with you. All opinions are our own, and we truly agree with this message.}

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