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01 December 2016: Christmas at FlyOver Canada, Canada Place, Vancouver, BC. ****(Photo by Bob Frid 2016 - Fly Over Canada) All Rights Reserved : cell 778-834-2455 : email: Web: ****

Credit: Flyover Canada Christmas Elves

You’ll probably hear me say “One of our favourite Christmas events” a lot on the blog over the next few weeks and I’m about to say it again! Since A was little, we’ve had the same events we make sure to earmark in our calendar and another one is set to open soon! Though Flyover Canada is open year round, they certainly do the holidays well and we are excited to be heading down for another trip to the North Pole on this unforgettable ride.

Flyover Canada Christmas Smores

There is something incredibly magical about kids and the North Pole, everything is unknown and the chance to get a sneak peek inside where the magic happens is always a huge hit for our kids. They look forward to their trip to the North Pole on Flyover Canada each year, followed up with a delicious cup of cocoa and festive Christmas lights.

Ho, ho, hold on tight! This Christmas season, come down to FlyOver Canada to fly with Santa and his elves on a magical flight across Canada and on to the North Pole. After meeting some of Santa’s elves, Chestnut and Pinecone, you’ll join them as they take flight in search of the rest of the missing elves. You may even get a sneak peek of Santa’s Workshop as you soar over the North Pole.

The FlyOver® Canada attraction is a flight simulation ride that takes guests on a breathtaking aerial tour over some of Canada’s spectacular landscapes using the latest in ride flight technology. Guests sit suspended 10 to 25 feet above the ground in specialized ride vehicles, with their legs dangling, as they move in concert with the film. With the addition of special effects (scent, mist, wind), riders actually feel like they are flying as every one of their senses is engaged in this interactive ride! The Flyover Canada Christmas Experience lasts between 20-25 minutes and includes; a fun winter wonderland pre-show in the lobby, which is always a huge hit with A, the Flyover Canada ride, a thrilling 8 minute flight-ride experience across Canada that immerses you in a unique 4-D experience, and of course the extended, animated final scene over Santa’s magical North Pole!

Buddy The Elf Flyover Canada Christmas

Also part of the Christmas magic is the festive outdoor sightseeing deck. You can to enjoy holiday performances, Christmas lights, hot drinks and seasonal snacks. For a full schedule of events and to save 15% off the gate admission price visit

Event Details:

What: Christmas at FlyOver Canada
Where: 999 Canada Place
When: November 23 – January 7th from 10:00am – 9:00pm daily
Tickets: $14.45 – $22.95 per person when purchased online

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