Give the flu the boot with Boiron Oscillococcinum

MOMMA DOWN. I repeat, momma down! Send reinforcements (or coffee…..)

Raise your hand if flu season has hit your house. I can raise both hands and a foot at this point! The flu hit our house on Christmas Eve, taking down A for two days (that’s right, Christmas Eve AND Day!) with a week of residual tiredness and has been lingering around for the past month bouncing between all of us. It’s been a rough go to be honest, and I am pretty much done with sanitizing and being constantly tired but thankfully, I had some support or I would have been in big trouble!

Since A was very little, we have been huge supporters of Boiron brand products, from Camilia tablets to help soothe a teething babe, right down to Coryzalia to tackle cold symptoms head on. We have been relatively lucky in the past though and the flu never reared it’s ugly head. With A now in Kindergarten though, the germs have cometh.. and man do they ever hit you hard. When they joke about the Kinder plague, they aren’t kidding.

Boiron is arguably the world leader when it comes to homeopathic medicines – started in 1932 by twin brother pharmacists Jean & Henri Boiron, they set out to fulfill a growing demand to develop the necessary expertise to prepare reliable, quality homeopathetic medicines.

A new product landed on our radar at a baby expo last year and I was eager to check it out – Oscillococcinum or Oscillo for short has a lot of benefits given that it can be taken at either the onset of your flu symptoms or when the symptoms are already established. With flu season expanding constantly and new strains popping up each year, it’s important to make sure that if your family does end up ill, that you have the best on hand to help you get back to feeling like yourself again.

Conveniently packaged dosages make it easy to make sure you are dispensing the right amount – so much so that one tube = 1 dose, regardless of age! You can grab packages in either 6, 12, or 30 doses which can be anywhere from 1-5 treatments depending on if the symptoms are established or not. With tiny tubes, they are easy to toss into your purse or diaper bag and have on-the-go which is always a win for me, I hated carrying around bottles of  medicine, a dropper or spoon to make sure I was meeting dosage requirements!

Oscillo is the perfect product to have on hand to help reduce the duration of flu-like symptoms including body aches, headache, fever and chills – pretty much all of the worst parts of the flu. Since there are no side effects associated with Oscillo including drowsiness or sleeplessness, it’s safe to take anytime – without worry.

While I am grateful to not have needed to use Oscillo until recently, I am so glad to have discovered it! I love that it is safe for both adults and children and is super easy to dispense, meaning I no longer have to keep adult and children medicine on hand for every thing. No more medicine battles, in fact A enjoys taking them as they are slightly sweet and she giggles with how the pellets roll around in her mouth. I am happy to report that I definitely felt a different in my own flu symptoms when I took as directed for established symptoms, and thankfully I didn’t need an entire course of treatment as my symptoms went away relatively quickly – thank goodness!

While it is not a replacement for flu prevention such as washing your hands regularly, staying hydrated, eating a well balanced nutritious diet and being well rested, it is certainly on the top of my list for treatments when – and if – the flu happens to strike.

Most on-set symptoms of an epidemic occur when the temperatures fluctuate – Vancouver was hit especially hard with a very harsh winter and the flu settled in quite comfortably. Be ready for cough cold and flu season by taking the necessary measures to get better quicker and prevent the spread of the flu and you can help the season end that much quicker; which we all REALLY want

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This post is sponsored by Boiron – all flu symptoms and opinions are my own.

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