Bring the magic home with Fairy Lane Doors + #Giveaway!

Fairy Lane Doors

Fairy Lane Doors

There’s something to be said about keeping the magic alive for your kids as long as possible, I’m a total sucker for telling Alivia stories that make her eyes widen curiously and barrage me with questions about the stories I tell. I really do believe in letting kids “believe” as long as possible, with most kids learning the truth about Santa, the tooth fairy and more earlier and earlier in school I’d like to make the time I have left fun! I personally have fond memories of my mom and auntie telling me stories about fairies and unicorns growing up, so of course I would continue this imaginative tradition with my own daughter. 

If you’ve had a chance to peek around the blog, one of our top posts is about Redwood Park in Langley, B.C. renowned for it’s forest full of magical fairy doors. We’ve taken Alivia there for the past 2 years to wander through, peeking inside doors and seeing the doors creep further and further into the forest, we keep telling her that the fairies really like the quiet in this special forest so more keep moving in! With hundreds of doors on display, many made by local children and adults it’s a magical place to get “lost” in the magic… but how do we keep the magic alive once we leave? Why.. with Fairy Lane Doors of course!

Fairy Lane Doors
Knocking to see if a Fairy will answer

Just recently, we decided to bring this magic home and installed our very own Fairy Lane fairy door in the hallway to Alivia’s room, just in time for our Elf Sebastian to move in for the holidays! Fairy Lane Doors come with a legend telling you about the story behind your very own door and include a very special key – just in case your special magical friend loses theirs along the way, they can borrow yours to go home!

As the legend goes, when this door is placed in your bedroom it allows magical creatures, like the tooth fairy to enter when you are sleeping and leave surprises! The key belongs to the fairy, she is the only one who can unlock the door between her world and ours.

When we received our door, I was so impressed with the little details, like the brass looking door handle, knocker and mail slot. We also had a special surprise in our envelope just in time for the holidays, a Christmas wreath! It fit perfectly with our Elf arrival and we can switch it up with a new accessory for each holiday. Each door also includes a double sided stickie to attach to your wall or wherever you want to hang your door, with our molding we had to go above so it was perfect that it included the stickie to help us out.
fairy lane doors

We encourage Alivia to interact with the door, giggling as she knocks away and asks questions about why she can’t open the door, and why she never sees a fairy. We hype the magic of fairies and magical friends only coming when we are sleeping to sneak in with special notes and treats. With us living in such a technology driven world, I’m holding onto the imagination and magic as long as I possibly can and letting Alivia be a kid.

Each door is hand made in British Columbia, you can choose to customize and have all of the accessories, or only one or two. You also have the option of choosing a colour that fits with your home decor, or matches a child’s favourite colour. You can display your door either inside, or lacquer it and make a fun Fairy garden outside. The possibilities are endless! We really loved this lilac purple colour and think it fits perfectly among all of Alivia’s artwork and photos in the hallway. We’re also waiting for visitors to start noticing it so we can share this special story with them too!

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We’re so happy to share that Fairy Lane Doors is going to help one lucky reader bring the magic home! We have a very special basic Fairy Door with door handle in the colour of your choice  to send home to a special family. Enter below!

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