I’m a cheater (and I don’t regret it!) #StreamTeam

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Yep, you read that right. I am totally a cheater and I do it without any regrets! I’ve had Netflix for as long as I can remember, I like to refer to myself as a bit of an early adopter. I have been a Netflix subscriber since it basically came out! Because of that, I like to think that we have a relationship, Netflix and I… one that no one can come between.

Chances are you’ve done it… either you or your spouse is more of a late night owl while the other prefers to go to bed early. You promise to just watch one episode a night together but you are hooked! With sometimes up to 20 episodes in a season, it could take forever to catch up… so you sneak in just onnneee more episode when they go to sleep… maybe two? In my case, I sometimes fall asleep watching it and only wake up to the “are you still watching?” – yes Netflix, don’t rub it in.. I’m still watching!

Netflix Cheaters

My first cheating spree didn’t happen until a few years ago. Everyone was talking about this hot new show.. one you’ve probably heard of – The Walking Dead. The first couple of seasons were already on Netflix and the rest was running on prime time TV. We figured we’d binge up to what was playing and then watch as it played each week. Problem was, we weren’t watching FAST ENOUGH and my curiosity was killing me! Suffice to say… I got busted when I didn’t jump during a scene that (apparently) everyone jumped during and well.. the rest is history. I’m a cheater!

Whether you cheat on the sly or admit it the next morning sheepishly, you aren’t alone! Studies show that 46% of Netflix lovers are cheating right now with their favourite show. I usually end up cheating at night when hubby is asleep with the cat, but she keeps it on the downlow so it’s okay.

Regardless of what you’re binging, it’s hard to say no to just one episode and Netflix gets it! If you’re prone to cheating, we highly recommend having a secondary show you can binge between ones with your significant other to keep the temptation low. I usually have 3 to 4 on the go.. just in case.

So what is everyone cheating on? Some of the most watched shows that have led to this infamous cheating are a few of my faves and very understandable (in my opinion) – Stranger Things had a cult following very early on so it was hard to be behind in any episodes! And Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life basically kept all of watching for like YEARS to watch it so you couldn’t NOT watch it… right?


Whatever you happen to be binging right now, make sure to turn the episode counter back jusssst to be sure you aren’t caught – at least not right away. What are you currently devouring on Netflix? I just finished watching Bones from start to the very last season (sad) and now I’m catching up on Once Upon A Time… any suggestions on what I should tackle next? Let me know below!

{Disclosure: I’m part of the Netflix #StreamTeam and receive special perks for my affiliation with them. All opinions, binge watching and cheating are all my own.}

Tara Jensen
Tara is a parenting influencer based on the West Coast. With her full time career in health care, she focuses on green living, healthy family choices and encouraging families to live a fabulously frugal lifestyle. She lives on coffee, cuddles and post-its, generally in that order. When she isn’t working, she can be found outdoors exploring beautiful British Columbia with her family.