holiday gift guide

Frugal Foodie gift ideas from the Fraser Valley

I really believe in supporting local artisans and businesses around the holidays. The amount of hard work that goes into hand-crafted gifts makes them so much more appreciated in our home. I try to be the “perfect” gift giver, matching up what I feel to be the most unique gifts, to the hardest to shop for recipients! I like foodie gifts, and I know a lot of my friends and

Highlights Magazine

Raise your hand if you remember Highlights Magazine! I see you over there… anyone who grew up in my era definitely remembers this magazine. In fact it probably looked a lot like the photo to the left didn’t it?  It was often found in the school library, doctors offices and if you were lucky, your parents had it delivered to your house! I have fond memories of reading Highlights at

Crayon Rocks

Crayons are one of the first writing utensils children learn to use and experiment with, long before a pencil or pen it usually ends up being a crayon. How many crayons have been broken, lost or shredded in your house? I’ve lost count at mine! When I was introduced to Crayon Rocks last year I couldn’t believe the improvement in Alivia’s writing just by leaving her to draw freely with

Tea by Ashi - Steeped Tea #HolidayGiftGuide #Giveaway

The last time I had popcorn in my drink, it certainly wasn’t on purpose. By me anyway. And, to be honest, I never would have thought about incorporating popcorn into a beverage – that’s more my 3 year old’s style. A few evenings ago, while getting ready to brew a cup of Holiday Treat Steeped Tea to try, I noticed a couple popped kernels of popcorn in the blend. Popcorn?

Things Engraved Crown

Raise your hand if you are the perfect gift giver. The one who shops 6 months in advance, always has the perfect, sentimental gift on hand, painstakingly created and shipped with ample time for the holidays. You spend December relaxing in front of the fire, sipping egg-nog and watching Christmas movies without a stress in the world during the holidays. Anyone? Yeeea…. I’m not one of those either. I love