Disney’s Queen of Katwe captures our hearts {Review}

Disney Queen Of Katwe

Disney's Queen of Katwe

Disney’s latest release, Queen of Katwe, transported us to Uganda and left us immersed in the vividly colourful and inspiring true story. Follow Phiona as she rises from the slums of Katwe to becoming an international chess champion. After Phiona’s father passed away, her future looked bleak. With no money for school, and barely enough to eat or pay rent on their tiny shack, she couldn’t see a way out of the slums. That is, until she discovered the game of chess and found her talent of strategic thinking, and herself.

“Queen of Katwe” is a vibrant, powerful human story that proves that genius is, indeed, everywhere…we just need to acknowledge and nurture it. With Robert Katende’s support and guidance and her mother’s love and inspiration, Phiona Mutesi is able to pursue her dreams of becoming a chess champion under the most unlikely of circumstances and in one of the most unlikely places, eventually saving herself and her family.”

This story is so engaging, and those who worked behind the scenes of this production made every effort imaginable to tell Phiona’s story as accurately as possible. It was also important to them to show what living in poverty truly looks like in Katwe. In all of its struggles and its vibrant beauty in an authentic way. Queen of Katwe was filmed on location and employed many of the locals both as actors and as crew to work@ alongside award winners Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave) portraying the fiercely devoted and loving mother Harriet and David Oyelowo (Selma) as Robert Katende the inspiring and devoted chess coach. This compassion and dedication to authenticity and the story of Phiona and her people really come through on screen.

I was lucky enough to watch a pre-screening of Queen of Katwe with my 11-year-old daughter; the first thing she said when the film ended was “We have to buy this!”. And we definitely will as this story is worth watching again and again. I especially loved the weaved storyline that told a deep lesson on diversity and overcoming incredible challenges and feel this is relevant to children of all ages. Seeing what Phiona was able to overcome with such grace was truly eye-opening and encouraging for my daughter. Be ready to immerse yourself in Phiona’s story, open your heart and devour this story of love, perseverance and be ready to buy yourself a chess set.

Queen Of Katwe is now in theatres, we hope you’ll make a trip out to see it and can’t wait to hear what you think!

Do you have a Chess lover at home? We’d love to know who plays! 

{Disclosure: We were invited to a pre-screening of this movie by Disney Studios, all opinions and love for Disney is our own!)

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