Are you fighting the sibling Netflix battle? #Streamteam

10329706_10152981211697203_5626525648600741810_oIf you have more than one child, you have likely witnessed many heart melting moments of love and support between siblings. You have also likely played referee more times than you can count, sometimes while you are still trying to bask in the glow of sibling love. Whether it is over who gets the green cup, or a bigger slice of cake, or who gets to stay up later or, or, or the sibling squabbles can seem endless on some days. Throw in what show or movie should be watched and even the most peaceful sibs can get into a tizzy. And hey, do we get a turn??

Netflix has some screen time solutions to the cartoon conundrums and movie mayhem that can happen when the children are blessed with the power to choose. Whether you have a large or small age gap, or maybe just opposite personalities in your house, Netflix wants all siblings sibling squads to get along; at least while they’re streaming. This April, Netflix has introduced Netflix Sibling Playlists available in browser, helping to narrow down selections that will appeal to all the kids rather than cater to one. There is only so much My Little Pony one can watch!

When it comes to Netflix watching in our house, our youngest thinks he rules it all. He has not started school yet and so, even though his screen time is limited during the day, he doesn’t have to compromise his viewing choices. This can make for some trouble when big sis comes home from school and wants to watch her own show and relax.

This is when the Mayor of Whinerstown really comes out to play. My witching hour; when I’m making dinner, folding laundry, checking the backpack abyss and other parental duties.

Do I really want to step in and referee? Not really. And these playlists are giving me one more tool to give them to work it out on their own. The kids have discovered some fun favourites, like Dawn of the Croods, with fun animated characters and silly antics, it has appealed to both kids – and makes for some fun background laughter while I’m cleaning the house behind them.

Besides, I need to save my energy for the ‘you got more dessert than me’ battle that is sure to happen later.

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Ready to check out the Playlists? Netflix has three new playlists available to browser streamers:

A Tale of Two Distant Ages – This fun playlist caters to both your 5 year old, right up to a 14 year old (and parents who like kids shows too!)

Sugar and Spice Playlist – Got a sassy kid at home, while the other is sweet? This playlist might be for them!

“Meet in the Middle” Playlist – This is probably our fave playlist, it has a little bit of something for everyone, making it a little bit easier to choose something that pleases the entire crowd.

I kinda love that these are SMALL playlists…. because half the battle is choosing one of 300 shows, and this way you can tell them they have to choose between the shows listed! Win, win.


{Disclosure: We are part of the Netflix Stream Team and receive perks for sharing our fave shows with you, all opinions are our own. Happy watching!}

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