How would you spend $50,000? + Contest alert! #LiveGrand #AD

Live Grand $50,000 contest

If someone were to ask you right now, this very second, how you would spend $50,000 – would you start dreaming?

I know hubby and I have had a few moments where we’ll laugh and pretend what we would buy if we won the lottery and how the very first thing I would buy would be something crazy and
frivolous! I’ve always been pretty responsible with my purchases, so it would be kind of fun to just buy something pretty!

With $50,000 in your pocket inside one of the biggest malls in Metro Vancouver, where would you head first? We’re sharing an exciting new contest opportunity and a chance to win some amazing prizes!

Live Grand $50,000 contest

True to its name, Daily Grand is a national lottery game that offers players the chance to win two unique prizes – $1,000 a day for LIFE, and a secondary prize of $25,000 a year for life. And, “for life” really means the rest of your life! Both are some pretty incredible life changing prizes that are sure to get you dreaming. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation wants to give British Columbians (who are 19+) the opportunity to experience “living grand” with it’s $50,000 Daily Grand Shopping Spree contest!

We’re no strangers to playing the Daily Grand, it’s kind of hard to not dream just a little bit bigger when you pick up a ticket to play.

The winner of this incredible contest will have the experience of spending… wait for it…. $50,000 at Metropolis at Metrotown in one day. I haven’t even entered and I’m already dreaming! I could do some serious damage in a certain bag store with that much money in my pocket! With the holidays quickly approaching, this prize really will get you imagining where you’d hit in the mall first!

Live Grand $50,000 contest

Entering is easy, all you have to do is head over to and fill out an entry form! The contest is open to BC residents 19+, and is open until October 1st.

Didn’t win the $50,000? Don’t worry, there’s also 4! additional secondary prizes being handed out at the mall of $5,000 in gift cards on October 28, 2017! That’s 5 pretty big prizes to be won, and a lotttt of stores to spend it in!

Live Grand $50,000 contest

So, if you won this incredible prize…. where would you head first? Would you be responsible or a bit frivolous? Buy for yourself, or a loved one? We’d love to hear your dreams! Make sure to come back and leave us a comment after you’ve headed over to to secure your chance to win!

{This post is sponsored by BCLC, all opinions and dreams of winning the lottery are my own and not influenced by the sponsor. As always, please play responsibly.}

Tara Jensen
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