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There’s something to be said about specialty stores, you know the ones I mean – the grocery stores that have a specific focus, be it produce, butchers, etc. Usually, at these stores, you can find an abundance of freshness that  you might not otherwise find at a larger store. Not only that, you have a different level of customer service in a small shop – which is kind of my favourite thing ever. I love getting to know the story behind where I shop, and supporting a locally owned and run business is pretty much the best thing you can do for our economy – so we’re sharing a company our family has supported for years – and you could win a GC to try them out as well!

Recently, we were invited to visit Kin’s Farm Market at Lougheed Mall, one of 29 of their British Columbia locations, I personally love having a produce store in the mall and find it super convenient to be able to grab a healthy on-the-go snack to nourish you on your big shopping trips – especially around the holidays.


Kin’s has a unique story behind it, much like many BC born stores – it’s roots go all the way back to 1983 where it was just an 8-foot long table outside of Granville Island, though tiny it quickly became one of the busiest and successful produce stands on Granville Island! From there, the sky was the limit – throughout the years they have successfully grown to Kin’s Farm Markets within malls, stand alone stores and more – they are definitely a leader in the industry when it comes to fresh food!

We had a mission on our trip to the store, it was to grab some healthy snack options for our weekend. With a 5-year-old it can always be a challenge to keep the “treat” out of their daily vocabulary so we always try to keep some snacks on hand that feel a bit like a treat – raspberries, raisins, watermelon, grapes and green apples are some of our favourites.


A loves being able to pick and choose her own fruit for her lunches and we always encourage her to come shopping with us, kids that have a chance to pick their own foods and are given the opportunity to ask and learn about where their food comes from generally make healthier choices. It also helps that the store is filled with delicious looking, bright colours of just about every fruit and vegetable she could dream of.

Another fabulous thing about Kin’s Farm Market – other than it’s local roots – is that it also encourages sourcing local products when available, with less time in transport you are guaranteed a fresher product from store to table, and you’re also helping to support local farms in your home town – something we highly encourage!


Another perk to shopping local is the price – I was so impressed with the price point on many of the items we purchased on our trip. Pomegranates were 2/$4, a large bag of grapes for $5, organic raisin boxes were $4.. suffice to say, with a $50 budget we were able to overfill one of the Kin’s Market shopping bags and fill up our fridge for significantly less than if we had shopped at a big box store. By shopping at a farmers market type store, you can definitely save quite a more, by comparison, most apples are close to 1.99-2.49lbs elsewhere and they aren’t locally grown.


Whether you’re looking to save a few pennies (or more) on your weekly grocery trips, or need some fresh additions to your holiday dinners and desserts – Kin’s Farm Market has everything you could possibly need! From fresh conventional and organic product and fruit to herbs and more – all under one roof, all for an affordable price. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to stress about during the holidays is grocery shopping and I love that I was able to grab everything we needed in one place, without battling big crowds and disappointing options.

A lot of love goes into the items you’ll find at Kin’s Farm Market, they pride themselves on delivering the freshest options available – it is their motto after all – to their consumers and that definitely showed on our visit. With a sea of beautiful, bright fruits and vegetables, we definitely left with an appetite!


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Kin’s Farm Market has generously given us TWO prizes to share with our readers! Each winner will receive a $50 Kin’s Market Gift Card, an insulated shopping tote and a recipe box to help you create some delicious, fresh inspired meals for the holidays! Enter below.

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{This post is sponsored by Kin’s Farm Market, however all opinions are our own. We have shopped there for years and love them, so we’re sharing them with you!}

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