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How does hundreds of thousands of people on the beach, in the dark, sound to you? To most of us, it sounds kinda fun! To parents, it’s slightly terrifying. A just turned 5, and we haven’t taken her down to enjoy the Honda Celebration of Light yet because honestly, the thought of losing her in the crowd is enough to throw me into a huge panic. Never mind the finding of a washroom when the quick “mom, I gotta go!” panic happens, or how about finding some good food options?

Unfortunately for me, this year I don’t think we’ll be getting out of it. She has been asking for fireworks constantly since Canada Day and we’ve promised to make sure she gets to see the big ones this year. So, how can we make it just a bit more comfortable for parents & tots? By reserving a spot on the YVR Observation Deck!

The Honda Celebration of Light is B.C.’s largest public event and the longest-running offshore fireworks competition in the world. I have fond memories of trekking downtown with my mom when I was little to spend a day at the beach. We’d pack a picnic, toys and bathing suits and find a perfect spot and wait for dusk. Hands down some of my favourite Vancouver memories! Now, the Honda Celebration of Light attracts up to 400,000 spectators  along English Bay each evening. Owned and planned by the volunteer, not for profit Vancouver Fireworks Festival Society, 2016 represents the 26th consecutive year of the event, which contributes in excess of $37 million in incremental tourism and hospitality spending each year.

So, if you’re looking for a safe, fun and affordable place to watch Vancouver’s largest event and the world’s longest-running offshore fireworks competition we’ve got the answer! The YVR Observation Deck is the perfect spot for families or groups who want to ensure they have a comfortable seat together to watch the fireworks in a safe environment. The YVR Observation deck features dedicated washroom facilities, access to a cash bar and food service, reserved seating and background music as well as the fireworks soundtrack simulcast, meaning visitors will have a premium experience in a family friendly, all-ages setting.

For those with young children, an alcohol-free zone is available by request. Whether you arrive early or late, your seat is reserved for you in this fun and friendly bleacher-style seating.

Honda Celebration of Light

Event Details:

What: Honda Celebration of Light

When: The Netherlands (July 23rd), Australia (July 27th) and USA (July 30th)

Where: English Bay

Reserve Tickets at the YVR Observation Deck: Limited tickets remain for $49 (plus tax and ticket outlet fees) for each of the three nights. Grab yours now!

Details: The YVR Observation deck opens at 6:30 PM each night. and features dedicated washroom facilities, access to a cash bar and food service, reserved seating and background music and fireworks soundtrack.

For more information and tickets visit

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  1. It sure looks like a fun time and a place where everyone can gather together.


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