The Great BC ShakeOut 10\16 @10:16

Shakeout BC

Shakeout BC

Officially ShakeOut BC Day on October 16th, more than 25 million people world wide will be practicing how to Drop, Cover, and Hold On. The Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill will be held across the globe, in schools, in homes and in workplaces at 10:16am.

Practicing what to do in an emergency situation is crucial to quick action. When seconds really count, it is important that we all know what to do should the ground start to shake. Being from Ontario, I have never personally done an earthquake drill and remember listening with fascination after my daughter’s first one in K. And still I have yet to do one. And I will admit that I really DON’T know what to do. But that’s about to change. I’ve registered my family as participants in this year’s ShakeOut and we will do our first ever family earthquake drill.

I have set an alarm on my phone for 10:16am. LOUD. And I’m going to go about my day. You never know when disaster will strike . Where you will be, what hazards are around, places to cover under. I hope that at 10:16am I remember to Drop, Cover and Hold On. And that if I’m in a store, that I’m not the only one doing it!

You can register your family or organization at and join in in Canada’s…nay the world’s!…largest Earthquake Drill!

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