Flipsies – Sandy’s House & Ocean Cruiser #HolidayGiftGuide

Flipsies Sally's House

Flipsies Sally's House

We absolutely love educational toys in our home, they have certainly come a long from when I was a kid! Now educational toys are engaging, fun and imaginative, keeping kids learning and laughing all while encouraging hands on play. One of our favourite brands is Vtech Toys, they have always been a major hit with interactive cameras (for even the littlest little) to smart watches for preschoolers and up, we’ve watched Alivia grow and learn with Vtech so it was a no brainer to us to add another Vtech toy under the tree this year! We were so excited to learn about FlipsiesTM – Sandy’s House & Ocean Cruiser, a new line of truly innovative toys that encourage girls to be anything they want to be! 

Flipsies Sandy's House

The unique features of Flipsies capture children’s imagination, offering them an exceptional, revolutionary interactive experience, with an empowering message and endless ways for young girls with big aspirations to play and dream.

Alivia was so excited to tear into her Sandy’s House & Ocean Cruiser, I was so grateful that it included demo batteries so I didn’t need to start hunting before I opened the box! Right away she was eager to test out the “doll house” and started interacting with the dolphin and bath tub, pushing on the kettle in the kitchen to have it make noise.. it took her a little bit of time to discover the MagicPoints and how to use them. Once she figured out that Sandy could be sitting, or standing on the MagicPoints she was testing them all out!

I sat back and watched, listening to the personality and phrases that make Sandy who she is and I was so impressed. I truly believe that we should always speak positivity into our kids, especially when they are using their imagination, so to hear Sandy encourage marine biology and being active to Alivia, I was won over.

Flipsies Sandy's House

Sandy’s Ocean Cruiser “flips” quickly into Sandy’s house and offers another level of imaginative play, set Sandy on any number of MagicPoints, make a delicious lunch to share with a friend, or just lounge upstairs in a bubble bath and head to bed early. Alivia’s favourite part of Sandy’s House was the bath tub, and she of course had to make sure Sandy was wearing her goggles at bath time!

We’ve had our playset out for about a week and it is the hottest toy right now, anytime it is put away at bedtime it is pulled right back out first thing in the morning. For the parents.. a total selling feature is that everything stores inside the house and folds up, taking up no additional room, or tracking additional pieces! It’s also lightweight enough for kids to move it around the house and imagine wherever they land!

Alivia playing with Flipsies

VTech® Flipsies™ Sandy’s House & Ocean Cruiser playset product info:

  • Flipsies Sandy’s House and Ocean Cruiser is a 2-in-1 doll play set that transforms from a beautiful beach house to a luxury ocean cruiser
  • Place Sandy on any of the eight MagicPoint locations on the playset and she’ll interact with fun phrases unique to Sandy’s personality. Want even more fun? Pick up any of the Flipsies playsets and she’ll respond in her own way on each one! Have more then one Flipsies doll? Place them together at the kitchen table to hear them have a fun conversation.
  • Each Flipsies doll* wears a special charm with special powers to flip their dreams into reality, and includes two outfits and wigs, plus other accessories. (*Sold separately)
  • Press the charm on Sandy’s necklace (or any other Flipsies doll) to see it light up and to experience her friendly personality.
  • Recommended for children aged 4 to 9 years old


We know you’ll love Flipsies as much as we do, and encourage you to discover the other playsets available, with 8 introductory themes available you’ll be able to find on that truly matches your child’s personality, be it a doctor, marine biologist, teacher, baker, rock star, veterinarian, fashion designer or even a princess!

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What’s your favourite feature of Sandy’s house? Share with us below!

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