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It’s that time of year again, and if you have cable, you likely know it more by the commercials than by neighbour’s decorations or mall Christmas music. That, and the choruses of “I want that!” “Mommy, come look at this!”. My son, nearly 5, seems to want everything his chocolate-brown eyes rest upon, and it’s harder to know what he really wants based on this. My daughter, nearly 11 (both have birthdays this month…pray for me), is a little more discerning in her tastes now, and a little more grown up, with gift cards and music gear topping the list, so when a product really piques her interest, I take notice. The Doh Vinci Spotlight Studio is one of those products; she loves crafts, and the 3D projects, display station, and cool light effects really appealed to her.

Becoming part of the #PlayLikeHasbro team has given us a chance to test out some of the hottest new toys, and I knew that the Doh Vinci Spotlight Studio was at the top of her wish list. As per usual, she could hardly contain herself and wanted to rip into the packaging right away.

DohVinci Unboxing

The kit contains enough material and instructions to complete 5 projects, and includes 6 Doh Vinci Deco Pop tubes, and a styling tool. This kit does not come with batteries (it needs 3xAA), but lucky for her we have huge pack because Amy couldn’t wait to get started on something. She chose the vase project for her first one and moved to the dining room for easier clean up.

Doh Vinci Vase

The Doh Vinci line is from the makers of Play Doh, so it was no surprise to me when Amy mentioned that it smelled like Play Doh, and even felt kind of like it. With a little bit of help, she was able to pop in and line up the pieces of cardboard that surround the vase. She practiced her technique first on paper, but honestly, she found it easier to manipulate a string of the Deco Pop rather than to treat it like icing. So, our advice here is to figure out the look you want and practice it; if the first method doesn’t work, tweak it a little. And, while you can use the motorized spinner during application, we found that it was best left for display purposes.

So, how did it turn out? Pretty good! And the spinning display stand has four different light settings to really make that Doh Vinci Deco Pop pop!

DohVinci vase w and wo light
with and without light display, regular camera settings

Amy has some new ideas about designs for the other projects, and I can’t wait to see what she will create! The Doh Vinci Spotlight Studio is recommended for ages 6+ and has a suggested retail value of $39.99. There are several other sets available with different projects, as well as refills of the Deco Pop, which is great because I know more Doh Vinci is on my daughter’s list! Want to grab some free printables to add to your Doh Vinci Kit? Make sure to visit!

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{Disclosure: We received samples for this review, all opinions and happy kids are our own.}

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