#Chickadvisor Gosh Review Opportunity – this one is BIG! {Closed}

Chick Advisor Gosh Cosmetics Review Opportunity

Do you love makeup as much as I do? Do you love trying new and exciting products? I was lucky enough to attend a ChickAdvisor Showcase event recently and I love everything they stand for.

At the Showcase, we sampled and reviewed a beautiful Gosh Cosmetics Bronzer and fell in love with it, it’s now a staple in my makeup regime and I jumped on the chance to join the review club for this set of 4 Gosh Products! 🙂

Are you interested? Can you commit to writing a review of these wonderful products if you are chosen? APPLY NOW! 


  1. Received my kit yesterday 🙂


  2. This product looks good, nice packaging as well. Looks like it would be something youèd use for a while not just throw out the next week.


  3. I’m a member of Chick Advisor but haven’t been chosen yet (even though I have written reviews), but my day will come.


  4. I am also a member of “Chick Advisor”, and the only thing they have ever sent me, was Ivory Soap, to which I typed a “I don’t like it comment”. maybe I was suppose to like it…idk 🙂


    1. Oh no Karen, I don’t think that is it at all! They really do value your honest opinion on products. 🙂 I have found that being more engaged on their site and getting more points has helped me get into more campaigns, I have a score of about 800 I think, it’s easy to get up there, just engage, do some posts, share and I’m sure you’ll get chosen!


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