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I vividly remember growing up and being attached to a certain doll, it was a big box doll that my mom had painstakingly lined up for when they were at the height of their popularity, I still have a photo of her undressing the doll to show my grandparents the trademark stamp on the bottom. That doll was my best friend through scary times, hard times and times where I just needed something to hold and hug. She’s long gone now, likely donated when I was a teenager and hopefully being enjoyed by another little girl…

As soon as I found out I was having a girl visions of dollhouses, dress up and tea parties danced through my head. I imagined listening to a little voice chatter pretend back and forth and build a friendship with her companions.

Sadly, we never did find a doll that struck as close to Alivia’s heart as mine did when I was her age… that is, until Bamboletta Dolls shipped a beautiful, hand-made doll to us last week.

Bamboletta Dolls

I let Alivia help me with the unboxing of our new friend, every detail is thought out down to the packaging, your doll arrives beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and cellophane, tied with a neat yarn bow. I knew a doll was coming, but when Brooke asked us which doll we would like, all I specified was blonde hair and green/blue eyes to match Alivia, I wanted this to be a surprise for both her and I.

Surprised is an understatement, when Alivia pulled the bow to unwrap our new cuddle friend Lacy, she immediately asked to hold her.

Bamboletta Dolls

She still hasn’t let go.

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When we create a Bamboletta Doll we do so with full awareness of what a special companion each doll will be in a child’s life. They’re friends, trusted confidants and faithful travelers alongside a child’s imagination and heart.

Bamboletta Dolls are hand-made in Cobble Hill, British Columbia; with a team of 51 amazing artisans creating these dolls it’s easy to see why they become a member of the family so quickly. Every aspect of a doll you adopt is handmade from head to toe. Every detail is crafted knowing that your child will love, learn and use their imagination with every doll that leaves their studio.

They offer a variety of different dolls for adoption, including Classic, Sitting, Folk, Cuddle, Little Buddies and baby dolls, as well as a slew of different doll frocks. We received a cuddle doll, at 13″, with flexible arms and legs, she is the perfect size for cuddles and tea parties. Every doll you receive comes with a unique birth certificate, care instructions and a blush kit for touching up those rosy cheeks!

Bamboletta Dolls

Bamboletta strives to stay true to their roots of traditional doll making techniques and uses as many natural and locally sourced material as possible, from local wool to stuff the dolls and raw yarns to hand-dye and hand-spin. Check out the love that goes into each individual doll by watching the video below, it is incredible and makes us really appreciate how special Lacy is!

We were immediately impressed with the quality of Lacy, she’s sturdy yet still feels like you can hug and squeeze her over and over again without losing any fluff, I had a good laugh when I went to undress the doll for some photos to discover that the dolls all come with little undies. Cutest detail ever! Alivia had a great giggle at Lacy’s “bee-bo”.

Bamboletta Doll Lacy Sitting

There is nothing quite like supporting a company that employs local moms, giving them a chance to stay home with their families while providing a beautiful hand-crafted item for your children, these dolls are built to last and if you happen to run into a hiccup, Bamboletta has a dolly doctor on staff to help!

You won’t find a Bamboletta Doll on a big box store shelf, over 10 hours goes into painstakingly creating these dolls from scratch, every detail is thought-out and crafted to create the highest quality doll before they are made available for adoption every Friday at 12pm PDT. It is first come first serve, never second guess yourself if you see one that jumps out at you, due to the way these dolls are created, there will never be 2 dolls that are alike, each doll is unique. You can even snag one of the more rare boys, I found out that the girl-boy ratio is caused by a special technique used to create the boy’s hair.

Bamboletta Dolls

Bamboletta Dolls are an investment, but the love and time that goes into creating each special new companion is worth it. The hours I spent loving my doll growing up were priceless and I definitely feel that Lacy is worth the same if she keeps my daughter laughing, chatting and imagining. It has been over a week since Lacy came into our home, she travels with us and is always the first thing we look for at bedtime. She’s settled in!

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