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Stella & Dot with Jenna Olsen, give the gift of glamour this holiday season

Many of us have a little something about ourselves that might make us feel self conscious at times. We have ways of detracting attention, mastering the art of playing up our best feature, or covering it up. My unique ‘feature’ are my surgical scars along my collarbone. While I’m not exactly sensitive about them anymore, I *do* like to take attention away from them at times like holiday parties and

Mommy Loves Maddy Travel Chalkboards & more

When my kids were really small and still in diapers I, of course, carried a diaper bag. And, like most of you, I carried not only diapers and wipes, but snacks, drinks, crayons, balloons, little toys and goodness knows what else! Now that my youngest is out of diapers I am free of the diaper bag and the varied contents that weighed me down. I love it! But there are

Homeworks Etc

My daughter is growing up. Her room has gone from Disney princess to Hannah Montana to a tweeny mix of peace signs and skulls. Thankfully, these changes didn’t require anything major like painting walls and I love how quickly a room can be transformed with a swap of accessories. A few accent pillows, wall hangings and such can really impact the look of a space and when it comes to