The adventures of Pajama Girl

Introducing Ellie, AKA Pajama Girl in this whimsical tale by Sandra Hagee Parker; The Adventures of Pajama Girl and the Coronation of the Cupcake Queen. If there is ever a welcome gift in our house, it’s always a new book to put onto Alivia’s bookshelf. As mentioned before, we likely have close to 200 books that we cycle through and read with her, some fun ones, some silly jibberish ones,

Fraser Valley Balance Bikes Strider Dealer

2 years ago we decided around Christmas that Alivia needed a bike. I was on the fence with a traditional tricycle or a balance bike. Alivia had teeny tiny legs at that point and was shorter then most of her peers. I worried that with a tricyle we would eventually (and inevitably) need to teach her to ride a bike with training wheels, and then teach her again to ride

Bobs & Lolo: Wave your Antlers - get ready to dance! #review

Alivia is a musical child, anything music on TV grasps her attention and she turns into a zombie, dancing around and singing her little heart out. One of her favorite shows since she was very little has always been Bobs & Lolo, a peppy duo of ladies with upbeat tunes, big sweet smiles and a way of making kids laugh and move with their catchy lyrics. I love that they

Homeworks Etc

My daughter is growing up. Her room has gone from Disney princess to Hannah Montana to a tweeny mix of peace signs and skulls. Thankfully, these changes didn’t require anything major like painting walls and I love how quickly a room can be transformed with a swap of accessories. A few accent pillows, wall hangings and such can really impact the look of a space and when it comes to

Toybox Grand Opening in Kitsilano + #Giveaway

When you imagine a toy store, you likely have visions of shelves stocked with plenty of puzzles, dozens of dolls, legions of Lego, a plethora of plushies, tons of trains and a great deal of games. The Toybox toy store is no exception, but they are exceptionally good at what they do. Gary and Misti Mussatto, owners and buyers for not one but three toy stores in the BC Lower