PercyVites Review

If you’re anything like us, last minute planning sometimes just manages to creep up on you. As much as you WANT to plan in advance it doesn’t always seem to happen that way. Picture this, it is 4 weeks until your child’s birthday party and you still have not been able to decide on what to do for invitations. Do you mail them? Make a generic facebook event page that

Inateck Bluetooth Speaker BP2001

As you may remember a bit ago Helisa reviewed a couple of awesome products from Inateck, we both had a serious love for the Bluetooth speaker and multi-port charging station and figured it would be fun to review some more of their products. Every house has different needs, and Inateck has you covered with an assortment of products to meet them! Inateck, is a German based electronics and accessories company,

The adventures of Pajama Girl

Introducing Ellie, AKA Pajama Girl in this whimsical tale by Sandra Hagee Parker; The Adventures of Pajama Girl and the Coronation of the Cupcake Queen. If there is ever a welcome gift in our house, it’s always a new book to put onto Alivia’s bookshelf. As mentioned before, we likely have close to 200 books that we cycle through and read with her, some fun ones, some silly jibberish ones,