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Disney Pixar Cars 3 Zooms into home theatres in time for Christmas + #Giveaway!

My little guy is a HUGE fan of Disney’s Cars franchise. Seriously. Ask him anything. He’s quite the little collector too and likes to frequent thrift stores on treasure hunts looking for rare ‘new’  Cars characters to add to his collection which is nearing 100. That seems like a lot until you consider that each movie has 100-ish characters, and many of them with multiple paint jobs or accessories, various daydream

The Jungle Book

Growing up, my favourite movies were always classic Disney ones. In fact, my mom still has many of my favourite movies stashed away still on VHS in the garage I’m sure. One of my all-time favourites was the original Jungle Book movie, this dated back years before I was even born but something drew me to the adventures of Mowgli, and my favourite bear Baloo. Now you can enjoy Mowgli’s

Pete's Dragon

It’s been such a fun summer of movies that have had roots to my childhood – and the newest Disney release is no different. I had the pleasure of taking A to an advance screening of a favourite childhood tale – Pete’s Dragon – and couldn’t wait to share Elliot with her. Growing up, everyone had an imaginary friend.. but what if that friend, wasn’t so imaginary? 

Power Rangers

Go, Go Power Rangers! Ry has been bugging me forever to find him the original Power Rangers movie, I figured that having the Power Rangers: Time Force on hand might be the next best thing! This DVD features the complete series, that’s 40 episodes folks. Surely this would keep a Power Rangers fan happy, right? The original Power Rangers debut was originally in 1993, with a cult like following of

My Little Pony: Friends Across Equestria + #Giveaway

If there were a such thing as a My Little Pony Ambassador, I am almost positive that Alivia would be the perfect fit. At any given time on any day we are either watching My Little Pony, playing with My Little Pony figures, or talking about them! I don’t mind it though, as I’ve mentioned in the past it has been fun to watch the modernization of the show and

Wild Thornberrys

Join the wacky, and definitely wild, Thornberry family on their fantastic adventures across the globe as they travel in their ComVee (communications vehicle) in search of different animal species to capture on film in Wild Thornberrys: The Complete Series brought to you by Shout! Factory. This is no ordinary globe-trotting family. Youngest daughter Eliza, after a strange experience with a shaman, now has the ability to talk to and understand