kids movies

Sandman and the lost sand of dreams

Alivia and I often talk about her dreams, she’s a curious kid full of questions. She always asks us where her good and bad dreams come from and we love exploring creativity and imagination with her so of course we mention – the Sandman! We had such a wonderful time settled in for a movie night with Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams and in true Alivia fashion, she had

Littlest Pet Shop

Halloween has always been my favourite time of year. I love the costumes, the spooky decorations, and watching all the Halloween specials on TV from traditional ones, to annual new episodes. Even better are the Halloween specials on DVD that we can watch year round whenever we are in the mood for a scare. Blythe Baxter, our favourite fashion designer with the ability to understand and speak to the friendly

The Seventh Dward

Everyone knows the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, but what about life after their journey together? Alivia is always excited when new movies arrive, we always make sure to set aside time to watch them all as a family. As we’re already huge fans of the Snow White tale, we were so excited to hear a different tale with Princess Rose (Sleeping Beauty) being the star!