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Force Awakens RC BB-8

When we watched Star Wars the Force Awakens, we couldn’t help but fall in love with the new spunky spherical droid, BB-8. WE still have much love and deep affection for C-3PO and R2-D2, but there’s something about little BB-8 and the way he moves with his bobbing little head that is actually pretty endearing. When the Star Wars The Force Awakens RC BB-8 was released by Hasbro,  it was instantly a hot,

Step 5

Tiny everything seems to be the trend this year when it comes to toys…tiny cars, tiny pets, blind bag everything. Did you know this extended to food too?? Yummy Nummies is bringing Mini Kitchen Magic to the table with their snack food kits for your mini chef to prepare! No stove or oven necessary for these bite sized treats, and your child will enjoy mixing, making and serving them with all

Winter library must-haves from Raincoast Books #BCMOMHGG {Giveaway Closed}

When it comes to Christmas, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you can find me consistently inside some sort of a book store for gift ideas. There’s something to be said about choosing a gift that keeps on giving through a book, series, or matching friend to go alongside a fun story. When it comes to my nieces and nephews, books have always been my go-to, and we’re sharing 5

Disney's Pete's Dragon now on Blu-Ray! #BCMOMHGG {Giveaway Closed}

This has been a magical year on the Disney front, we have been so honored to have been able to attend so many screenings for what A would call – the absolute best year ever in movies. This has also been a year of re-imagined favourites, from stories and tales I have font members of growing up with, to new imaginative favourites – Disney has truly blown our minds this

Bath Squigglers - making bath time fun! #BCMOMHGG

Bath time on the best of days can be a bit of a challenge, from wrangling kids who don’t want to get naked and into the tub, to keeping them entertained while you try desperately to wash their hair without getting soap in their eyes – I get it! And of course, kids get bored of their toys very easily and bath toys are no different. As they get older,