Puzzled Jewelry: Bringing awareness to Autism Spectrum Disorder

Puzzled Jewelry

Puzzled Jewelry

Autism affects at last count, 1 in 68 children. With staggering statistics and this number currently on the rise often times many of us not directly impacted by Autism find ourselves asking “how can we help?”.  Well, we have the perfect opportunity for you to help an amazing cause, and wear some beautiful jewelry while doing it! 

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental condition that impacts typical brain growth. As a spectrum disorder, ASD has a wide variation in how it affects each person (their needs, skills and abilities). However there are some common characteristics including difficulties with communication and social interactions, repetitive interests and activities, and stereotypic motor behaviours.

ASD currently affects approximately 1 in every 68 births, generally appearing within the first three years of a child’s life. It is four to five times more common in boys than girls, affecting 1 in every 40 boys. It is the most common neurological disorder in children. With the cause, or causes of ASD still unknown, there is currently no cure.

Autism however is treatable, and early diagnosis and effective treatment are key to a greater improvement of life for many people living with Autism.  The earlier that children are able to receive appropriate treatment and intervention, the better their prognosis.  It is possible to help most people, even those with severely debilitating autism conditions, to experience significant improvements in their symptoms and in their ability to function. Having access to the resources and support to identify early symptoms, treatment options and therapy is also invaluable to families.


Puzzled Jewelry is a brand with a cause, created by Patricia James, Keri Kennett, and Debbie Sui – this team of mothers were joined together following an autism diagnosis that affected each of their little boys. Each year, Puzzled Jewelry creates a unique puzzle piece item designed to build awareness of Autism. This years campaign will benefit the Pacific Autism Family Centre  whose core purpose is to become a knowledge centre while addressing the support and services required. The centre will be the hub for research, and collaboration, providing individuals and their families with resources for their lifespan.

This year, Puzzled Jewelry has partnered with London Drugs and the Pacific Autism Family Centre – from now until February 19, 2016 stop into any British Columbia or Alberta London Drugs and pick up this years beautiful, 925 sterling silver necklace for $25.00 plus tax. Proceeds from this campaign will directly benefit the new Autism Centre of Excellence slated to open in Summer of 2016. Providing valuable resources such as treament, counselling and assessments, the Centre of knowledge innovation will involve the development of physical “hub and spoke/satellite” centres located in communities across the province. The expertise and information services offered in the hub location will be available to ALL Canadians with services continuing growing and evolving.

“Supporting organizations like the Pacific Autism Family Centre is important to the advancement of research and awareness of Autism across Canada,” said Kevin Sorby, London Drugs Retail Operations General Manager. “We would like to encourage our customers in British Columbia and Alberta to support this initiative with Puzzled Jewelry to increase community resources across Canada.”

We received a beautiful necklace to help spread the word on this campaign, and it’s already right back out the door on it’s way to a momma who fights this battle everyday. Please take a moment to support this campaign and help fund advances in early education and intervention, and resources for families and adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Tara Jensen
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