Give the gift of relaxation this Valentine's Day with Melt {Review}

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. I have cards for the kids’ school, treats for the parties, and some chocolates for the kids, and I felt pretty prepared. Until I realized I had done nothing for my husband! We don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, usually flowers or chocolate, maybe a night at the movies if we can secure a sitter. But I really wanted to do something

Kin's Farm Market - Freshness for the Holidays + #Giveaway!

There’s something to be said about specialty stores, you know the ones I mean – the grocery stores that have a specific focus, be it produce, butchers, etc. Usually, at these stores, you can find an abundance of freshness that ย you might not otherwise find at a larger store. Not only that, you have a different level of customer service in a small shop – which is kind of my

A Joy to Give, But Not To Kids: Give Lottery Products Responsibly + #Giveaway!

Last year, we were asked to share an important message – the importance of remembering that as fun as holiday scratch tickets can be (and they definitely are kinda fun) – they are a form of gambling, and they should never be gifted to children. We were so thrilled with the responses we received from everyone, that we are sharing the message again this year, and would love your support

Image Optometry - Helping BC Families Find Affordable Care

With the holidays just around the corner it is finally getting to the time of year where I sit down and organize all our appointments for the New Year. With our calendar usually full months in advance with school and activity commitments, events and family gatherings, we are usually so strapped for time that important appointments go by the wayside. Before the holiday chaos really begins I like to get

Chopped Leaf: Brickyard

Life is busy on the best of days, throw in careers, kids and activities and most of the time I am lucky to get a chance to sit down and eat a full meal, let alone find time to make one myself. I am all about convenience and love to meal plan, but there is something to be said about having a few times when you don’t have to cook,

maplelea girls dolls

I loved my doll collection growing up as a little girl. I loved to dress my dolls in new outfits I had collected or made. I loved to create wild stories and play endlessly with them. I also loved how my dolls looked, how flawless they always seemed – from head to toe. My friends and I were always carting our beautiful dolls all over from grocery shopping to sleep-overs