Holiday Gift Guide

Clip, Connect and Create with Gemmies + #Giveaway! #BCMOMHGG

Clip, connect and create with Gemmies to make adorable crystal creations in 3D. A new addition to the Tech 4 Kids product line, the Gemmies Design Studio is touted as the ultimate DIY craft kit. Not only can you make sparkling 3D creatures, but once you get the hang of it, you can make flowers, jewelry, masks, accessories, and much more; the only limit is your imagination!


Wonder weeks, sleep regression, teething, and more can all put a rut in your little one sleeping well. Our youngest recently turned one and we hit a major speedbump in how she was sleeping. We needed to find something to help her soothe herself and go to sleep at night. CloudB came to our rescue again with Hugginz Musical Plushie – Bunny and Sweet Dreamz on the Go – Grey Owl.

Mrs. Grippits Has A Grip On Our Hearts! + #Giveaway! #BCMOMHGG

Socks, something lots of us love during the holidays. The feeling of a fresh new pair of socks is one of the most satisfying feelings there is. One of my favorite things to open Christmas morning is soft socks. Being able to slip my feet into never-before-worn-extra-warm socks is always a simple pleasure of mine. One I feel many take for granted come Christmas morning.

Home entertainment gets bigger with The BFG #BCMOMHGG

In a land full of murderful, cannybully giants, where the delicacy is not the beans we eat but the beans we are, an unlikely friendship blooms between the most unlikely pair. As trust between a young orphan girl and her new 24ft vegetarian pal grows, they hatch a plan to rid the world of the child-eating giants for good. Reality and fantasy meet in this lovely retelling of Roald Dahl’s The BFG

Have A Lip Smacking Good Time With Lip Smackers + #Giveaway! #BCMOMHGG

I remember my years of Lip Smackers obsession when I was younger. I religiously collected them and had endless amounts of flavours. They were my first item of “makeup” as a kid and I loved each one – probably much to my mom’s complaints as I had them stashed everywhere. I picked them out specifically for their flavours, designs or sparkly accents. I remember my number one choice was always

Skechers giving the boot to fall with family footwear

Skechers has been adorning the feet of youth for more than two decades. I myself have been a fan of their shoes since my teen years. Started in 1998 and at the time carrying mostly skate shoes, Skechers has grown immensely over the years. These days they offer quality shoes for every demographic, every season and in more styles than you can shake an ankle bootie at. With fall firmly