14 Easy Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath DIYS

Dollar Tree JackOLantern Wreath credit: www.craftbits.com

Did someone say Halloween crafts? I am always in for a fun, easy and affordable craft sesh! Halloween is going to look a little bit different this year, but it isn’t going to stop us from having a lot of fun decorating! With a little creativity and a pile of supplies, you can create some easy Dollar Tree Halloween wreath crafts that make for memorable decor items that are sure to have the kids spooked!

Whether you like to go the traditional spooky route with spiders or skeletons aplenty, or a bit more fun with jack-o-lanterns and eyeballs, there’s an easy DIY for you, most of which the kids can help create.

One of the best parts about these DIY’s is that they are affordable enough that you can create multiples to share with friends and family, use to decorate a business or classroom or just have on hand to decorate the entirety of your house with spooky Halloween fun!

I know that often neighborhood location have different stock, so the beauty of these Dollar Tree Halloween wreath crafts is quite a few of them can easily switch out items to create them based on what you can find at your local store.

Easy Dollar Tree Halloween Wreaths

Coat Hanger Spider Wreath – A personal favourite, this hanger DIY could also pull double duty, with a bit of sparkly spray paint you could turn these into a giant outdoor snowflake display with Christmas lights.

Dollar Tree Halloween Candy Bucket Wreath – This fun Candy Bucket DIY feels a bit like a zero gravity display! You could easily adjust this DIY to be a free moving bucket.

How To Make A DIY Freddy Krueger Halloween Wreath From Dollar StoreIs it even Halloween without a bit of Freddy? This DIY uses easy materials. If you have red and green pool noodles hanging around from summer, you could easily thread those into shape with pipe cleaners as well.

Halloween Project: How to Make a Candy Wreath – This Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath crafts help make use of some leftover candy, or excess you may have around too!

Skeleton Dollar Store Halloween Wreath DIY – Skeleton body parts scream Halloween right? This DIY can also be used on larger displays.

Outdoor Decor Halloween Dollar Tree Wreath Tutorial – Again, if you have some extra baubles kicking around, you can paint them for this DIY and save a bit more.

credit: www.craftbits.com

Mummy Wreath – I basically love this one because giant googly eyes, but also it’s super cheap!

Skull Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath – Another great DIY that can be downsized to a smaller design, or add a bit more flair with spooky add-ons.

Solar Skull and Roses Wreath – there is something super spooky about glowing skulls and roses.

“Always Watching” Easy Eyeball Halloween Wreath – A great DIY for the older kids who are comfortable using hot glue guns.

Halloween Harry Potter Wreath – Another affordable option, with foam core or cardboard you can create some of the elements to add on to the house tulle!

‘Til Death Do Us Part Spooky Skeleton Wreath – With a bit of wire, you can switch up how these loves meet their demise on this wreath.

Ribbon and Spiders Wreath  – You may already have some of this on hand to create this craft!

Halloween Skull Wreath – This wreath can be adapted with so many add-ons. If you prefer to not paint the balls, Dollar Tree has some great options that you can stick on or thread on with the flowers.

The best part about a lot of these super easy Dollar Tree Halloween wreaths is that they are of course super affordable and quite a few of the projects are sturdy enough to be stored with your holiday decor for years to come.

If you, or your kids are super crafty, many of these wreaths can be adapted to fit your spooky decor theme and are sure to be hit with your neighborhood! Have fun crafting.

If you enjoy these Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath DIYs, don’t forget to check out this Halloween handprint and footprint craft, use dollar tree paints and craft paper for memorable decor.

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