Fall into (our) Disney family favourites on Netflix #StreamTeam

Netflix Fall Favourites

With the weather quickly turning to brisk wet afternoons on the west coast, there’s been a lot more inside cuddled up on the couch time and a bit less running outside at the park. With torrential downpours and wind storms we’ve had to come up with creative ways to stay connected as a family and one of our faves is definitely cuddling up to watch a family favourite on Netflix!

We’re sharing our cuddle worthy family favourites for this Fall, and you might notice a theme…

Just recently we completely cancelled our cable package, I sat down with hubby and asked him if he could remember the last television show we actually watched, or followed and neither of us could come up with anything outside of Hockey. The fact is we have everything we need – and want – on Netflix now. When we were asked to join the Netflix #StreamTeam this month we were pretty excited. Get ready for us to share our family favourites, my binge worthy addictions and shows you can lose yourself in on a rainy day or evening – and hey, you can feel a bit better knowing you aren’t the only one binging through an entire season of show because I am probably right there with you.

I can’t even begin to tell you my excitement to see Disney movies making their way slowly on Netflix – then BAM! A full list of movies I remember growing up with and watching with my mom. We’ve made it a tradition to watch a new one every Sunday on family day and there’s something to be said for original Disney movies. With whimsical cartoons, loveable characters and fun to follow adventures, it’s easy to see why Disney movies are our top family movie night favourites right now.

So without further ado – our Disney favourites currently streaming on Netflix. Grab the popcorn and settle in for an evening of nostalgia with us!




There’s nothing more fun for littles than a movie night, pick a family favourite and create a fun popcorn bar. Netflix recommends using some fun mix-ins like butter, m&ms, swedish berries and my personal favourite – twizzlers! Have fun with your snack bar and personalize it for your family and turn movie night into a family tradition with us! We have started picking our next week’s movie right after and adding it to “Our List” to give the kiddos something to look forward to throughout the week. Our choice for this week is Freaky Friday… what’s yours? 🙂

Netflix StreamTeam

Do you have a fave movie streaming on Netflix right now? Share with us in the comments!


  1. I love these Disney movies – my all time fave is the Lion King!


  2. I had no idea there were Disney movies moving to Netflix! This is great, thanks for the post


  3. Disney on Netflix? I might just have to get it!


  4. I didnt know there were Disney movies moving to Netflix we just recently got it and ewe are loving it


  5. Getting Netflix`s was such a great decision on my part we love it such great programming for the whole family,just wish i had done it sooner.


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