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Leading Moms 2016, who inspires you?

It’s hard to believe I am going on my 3rd year as a Leading Moms Ambassador, I have such fond memories of my very first time stepping into a room of heart strong women, how instantly inspired I was and how warmly we were all welcomed. It’s not often that you have an up close, intimidate chat with many of the influential moms you look up to in the media,

ROAM Event

I’m going to drop a bit of a secret here… my blog is coming up on it’s 2 year blogiversary and I have never actually attended a blog conference. Can you believe that!? I have primarily managed to network online which has been both a blessing for my crazy anxiety, but I feel like it’s time. It’s time to put myself out there, to meet, rub elbows, love and encourage

Join us for the #CSTLearningProject Twitter Party

Honestly, if you had asked me or my mom growing up what my future career would end up being it’s doubtful it would have been computer related at all. We didn’t even have a computer at home until I was in high school, most of the “tech” I was introduced to was only at school, and even then it was rare. Wow, how things have changed! A couple of weeks

Leading Moms Mi Jung Lee

Last year I had the immense pleasure of attending Leading Moms as a blog ambassador. I was a new writer, a new blogger and a mom still struggling to find her “parent” legs. I struggled constantly with my own inspiration, embracing my challenges and turning them into opportunities. I struggled with anxiety and a constant fear of my own self esteem. Leading Moms 2014 was a game changer for me. 

Illumask Giveaway

Growing up, we always thought that Acne would end in our teens but for a lot of people it continues into adulthood and certainly is an everyday challenge. For women – especially those with fluctuating hormones (most of us!) it proves to be an even bigger challenge. If you – or someone you know – has been dealing with a personal acne battle we’re inviting you to join the #FightAcne Twitter Party