the fair at the pne

The Fair at the PNE

The Fair at the PNE opens its gates this Saturday and is a family tradition for many of us whether you’re in it for the thrilling rides, the interactive exhibits, or the free concerts. Celebrating its 105th year this year, the Pacific National Exhibition is packing in the entertainment and fun with the most diverse package to date! Many of our favourites will be returning: the Superdogs, Mosaic Music Series

PNE free admission

Well if you were upset that you were working or missed this year’s free admission to the PNE, don’t worry, you have another chance to check out The Fair at the PNE for FREE. This Saturday August 30th and Sunday August 31st from 11am to 1pm you will receive FREE gate admission to The Fair at the PNE (note: you will still need to purchase RIDE passes if you plan to go