metropolis at metrotown


Bullying. It’s a word that I thought I would eventually outgrow. When we’re kids and bullied in school, we’re always told that “it gets better when you’re older”. The fact is, it doesn’t. A lot of bullying flows right over into adulthood, and with the help of social media and anonymity it’s all the more rampant. Bullying experienced by children follows them into adult years – feelings of inadequacy, depression

Avion Boutique

Guys, I don’t know if you realize but there is only 2 more Fridays and then suddenly it’s CHRISTMAS. How did this happen!? I could have sworn we were just out trick or treating.. but nope, somehow Christmas snuck right up on me and I am in full panic mode. Panicked mostly because I still have so much shopping to do and such a small amount of time to do

Metropolis at Metrotown celebrates the International Year of Light with "Lightroom" installation

  Metropolis at Metrotown is a glorious shopping centre in South Burnaby boasting 400+ stores, a movie theatre, and easy access by any means of transit. You can find everything you need and want here from big chain stores to boutique like stores and loads of different food vendors to try. But Metropolis at Metrotown is not only known for its size, but for the periodic installations they do in

Pay it Forward contest

My daughter has always been one to make people smile. As soon as she could talk, she complimented everyone she met, and made it her personal mission to make people smile through word or deed. While we may deal with tween attitude from time to time, she still loves to help light up someone’s day. When presented with a Random Acts of Kindness challenge, it seemed only natural to bring