Take augmented reality to new levels with LEGO Hidden Side

Are you ready to travel to the Hidden Side? We were having a chat the other day at work about what we thought the “hot toy” would be this year. You know the one, everyone scrambles to buy them and parents are hunting the last week before Christmas for one? There hasnt been much chatter this year so far, but I have a bit of an idea of what’s going

Calling Master Builders Young & Old! #LegoTour {Review}

Calling Master Builders young and old, if you are a major Lego fan like pretty much every kid on the planet then the Lego Imagine Nation Tour is something to add to your watch list – we had the pleasure of visiting the Vancouver leg of the tour this past weekend and suffice to say… I had to draaaaag the kids out of the Vancouver Convention Centre, more specifically out

Lego Imagine Nation Tour rolls into Vancouver!

Be still my Lego loving heart! It’s been a fun year around our house with Alivia starting to really show an interest in creating with all this Lego I’ve been stockpiling since she was born. Growing up, Lego was hands down my favourite activity and I remember having a Rubbermaid full of bricks and building everything from cities, roads, full houses (including furniture) and so much more! To finally see

Creating for Conservation with The Vancouver Zoo + #Giveaway!

There’s two things I seriously love in this world – supporting local iniatives that are near and dear to me and encouraging children to learn, engage and use their imaginations. You have the best of BOTH worlds coming up at the Greater Vancouver Zoo this month, and it sounds like it’s going to be something you won’t want to miss. The Greater Vancouver Zoo is bringing together animal conservation and LEGO in a

Alivia's 3 Sick Day Survival Shows #StreamTeam

Wow. It has been one heck of a month. I have been all over the place and finally things are starting to slow down a little bit for us. For those that don’t follow us on social media, we have been battling a pretty angry bout of Asthma with little bug. She sees an allergist every 3 months and we’re currently working through finding a medication solution that works best

BrickCan, Public Lego Exhibition is coming to Vancouver! + #Giveaway

Be still my Lego loving heart, when I heard that BrickCan was coming to Vancouver I will openly admit I might have squealed a little bit! I have been a Lego lover for as long as I can remember. I have fond memories of a giant rubbermaid full of a mish-mash of different lego pieces and spending hours building cities, skyscrapers and pretty much everything in between. When I had