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Creative Cake-A-Tiers wins us over with Custom Cakes! {Review}

If you are planning a wedding, birthday, some sort of shower, or other large festivity, there’s one item that really has the power to make or break an event. Sure, gatherings are really about the people, I know this. But when it comes to party items, I’m talking about cake. Think about it.  An okay cake might be eaten, but not really noticed, or talked about.  A really great cake

Vlimb Base 5 party room

Both of my kids are Christmas babies and it can be challenging to find fun party ideas during the cold weather without repeating the same things over and over again. I can only do so many house/pool/bowling type gatherings with two parties in the same month and anything with a Christmas theme is usually out. We also like to alternate small parties with more elaborate parties and this year was

Splashdown Park

Ah Summer! The season that brings us beach, BBQ and outdoor weather, vacations, tans and ice cream trucks. It also, for some of us, brings family reunions, company picnics or other large gatherings. Having attended a few of these types of events myself, I know first hand that if the kids are not happily busy, the party does not run as smoothly. Many have opted to rent a clown or