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Lego Imagine Nation Tour rolls into Vancouver!

Be still my Lego loving heart! It’s been a fun year around our house with Alivia starting to really show an interest in creating with all this Lego I’ve been stockpiling since she was born. Growing up, Lego was hands down my favourite activity and I remember having a Rubbermaid full of bricks and building everything from cities, roads, full houses (including furniture) and so much more! To finally see

Wellness Show

It’s that time of year ago! The Vancouver Wellness Show is returning to the Vancouver Convention Centre from February 12, 13 and 14. This is the West Coast’s largest trade show devoted to helping you and your family live a more balanced, holistic and healthy life. Not sure where to start? The Wellness Show is for those that are novice and looking for small ways to incorporate Wellness into their

Healthy Family Expo Tickets

The main focus for 2015 in our family was being present, we were determined to spend more time focusing on our family health across all avenues. We started being more active even if it just meant going to the park, we also tried to introduce more healthy snack and food options to our diets in hopes of promoting a healthy food relationship with our 3 year old daughter. I’ll admit