twitter parties

Twitter Parties

Twitter parties are not only a lot of fun, but a great way to learn about new products, recipes and potentially win prizes! If you’ve not partied twitter style before, it’s fairly simple. Follow the host(s) and the sponsor, answer the posed questions and engage with other party goers using the party hashtag, and have fun! And, if luck is on your side you could be a prize winner. Today

Twitter Parties

There are a ton of pretty sweet twitter parties happening this week, if you are new to the twitter party world it’s time to jump in! With the holiday season coming, tons of brands love to reach out and get their hot new products in consumers hands, you’ll love it, you’ll talk about it and help them create some buzz! I have won some of my favorite things from twitter

Target twitter party

Don’t miss out on the Target Twitter party, I don’t think I have ever seen so many RSVP’s for a twitter party before! Great news though, there is 100 PRIZES worth over $10,000 to be won! Head over to for RSVP info and what you can win. I’ll be there! If you are new to twitter partying, don’t worry, just answer the questions as you see them and have fun,