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My Little Pony: Friends Across Equestria + #Giveaway

If there were a such thing as a My Little Pony Ambassador, I am almost positive that Alivia would be the perfect fit. At any given time on any day we are either watching My Little Pony, playing with My Little Pony figures, or talking about them! I don’t mind it though, as I’ve mentioned in the past it has been fun to watch the modernization of the show and

Sandman and the lost sand of dreams

Alivia and I often talk about her dreams, she’s a curious kid full of questions. She always asks us where her good and bad dreams come from and we love exploring creativity and imagination with her so of course we mention – the Sandman! We had such a wonderful time settled in for a movie night with Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams and in true Alivia fashion, she had