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The Unexpected Passenger {Mental Health}

I have anxiety, among other things, but for the most part my anxiety under control. Of course, there are still situations that I find difficult, and times when it pops up pretty randomly. I liken my anxiety to that one person/friend (we’ll call her Annie) who is always giving warnings and tips about everything from earthquake survival to food recalls to the dangers of microwaves or using deodorant. They seem


Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day – share your story or just tweet with the hashtag #BellLetsTalk and they will donate an additional 5¢ to mental health initiatives in Canada. Break the stigma, let’s talk about Mental Health. I had no real desire to share this blog post I wrote 4 months ago until today. The fear of sharing it was holding me back.. and I’m trying to overcome my fears, so

Plato Quote

This is the most incredible tribute to Robin Williams I have seen online so far. I teared up, I had chills…. set to a monologue of one of Robin’s best (in my opinion) films Jack, it’s chilling to hear his voice and how close it now hits to home. Our condolences to his family, his friends and those close to him. Mental illness is something we may never understand, something