maple ridge

Fiona's Playdate Cafe

Any parent knows, the challenge to keep kids entertained is a never ending battle. Five seconds into playing with their toys and they’re suddenly bored of everything in front of them and begging for you to somehow entertain them. While this is all and well.. sometimes mom and dad just need a bit of a breather – a chance to chat with some other adults and know that your kiddo

Mango Moka

Nestled in a little strip mall along Lougheed Highway in Maple Ridge, BC lies a hidden gem that we have recently discovered, and it is not the type of discovery one keeps a secret! Mango Moka is a fusion destination the whole family can enjoy, and has a little something for every person, every mood, and every taste. From cold, vitamin-packed healthy smoothies to steaming cups of ethical fair-trade coffee,

Timberline Family Festival

We had so much fun last Christmas attending the Timberline Country Christmas, when they asked us to help spread the word about their upcoming Timberline Ranch Family Festival, we jumped on board! One of the things I love most about Timberline Ranch is how “unplugged” it feels. Tuck away the distractions, bring an “old school” camera (one not attached to your phone) and enjoy a step back at the ranch.

Timberline Ranch Mommy & Livvy

Christmas time is hectic, there’s absolutely no way around it. Whether you shop in advance and spend all of December running to holiday activities, planning dinners or you are a last minute shopping braving the malls, there’s hardly a moment to breathe in December, let alone relax. When I first heard about Timberline Ranch I was intrigued, I loved the idea of a Country Christmas, focusing more on simple fun,