My daughter recently started her first semester of Sole Girls; an empowerment program for tween girls with focus not only on issues girls face day to day, what with hormones, growing up, body image and more, but also has a running component. This physical activity addition helps her meet her weekly quota of exercise, but also is building endurance, confidence, and flexibility. Empowering girls, between 8-12, to set goals, be

Staccato Studios

Music has always been at the forefront of parenting in our home – we’ve tried to incorporate music in bedtime routines, silly routines and play routines to help encourage creativity and experimenting for Alivia. Little did we know how much this would pay off for us as she got older. When we first moved to North Burnaby, Helisa recommended that we check out Staccato and enroll in their Music Together

Love Inspired

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and many of us are looking forward to it; the homemade cards and gifts, squishy hugs and kisses, and if we’re lucky, a little bit of time to ourselves. I’m a bit of a bookworm, so when I get time for me, I love to get lost in a good book (when I’m not sucked into another book…FaceBook). I like a variety of genres, but

Bobs & Lolo: Wave your Antlers - get ready to dance! #review

Alivia is a musical child, anything music on TV grasps her attention and she turns into a zombie, dancing around and singing her little heart out. One of her favorite shows since she was very little has always been Bobs & Lolo, a peppy duo of ladies with upbeat tunes, big sweet smiles and a way of making kids laugh and move with their catchy lyrics. I love that they

Motocycle Toy Run

Edit: If you’re here looking for the 2016 Toy Run information, You can find it here! Ahhh! Christmas! I know, I know. Stores are just getting their Hallowe’en decorations out, how DARE I mention Christmas?! But before you throw your Pumpkin Latte at me, hear me out. The Vancouver Motorcycle Toy Run, now in its 36th year, is an annual parade of, well, motorcycles all riding to raise donations of